Australian Dollar Forecast: Dow Jones May Support AUD, Dovish RBA Poses a Risk

Australian Dollar Forecast: Dow Jones May Support AUD, Dovish RBA Poses a Risk

The sentiment-linked Australian Dollar targeted closely higher last week. However, overall, it stays unchanged against the US Dollar because the start of this season. The Aussie's consolidative lively for the previous four weeks could be clarified by a few opposing basic forces. These may keep on persisting from the week beforehand.

Aussie Dollar traders need to keep a watch on the best way Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) policy expectations grow relative to general market opinion. On the flip side, a steady rise for the bellwether Dow Jones stock index has revealed an upswell in danger appetite, offering assistance to this sentiment-linked currency. On the flip side, the markets are keeping a relatively dovish outlook for the RBA.

On the graph below, market-implied chances of an RBA speed proceed by May 2022 have gradually deteriorated since March. That is in comparison with what happened in January and February, in which there was a watchful unwinding of dovish expectations. Last week's unsatisfactory first-quarter Australian inflation statistics didn't help.

So while market sentiment was advancing, dovish RBA policy expectations are rising. That is probably part of why AUD/USD was unable to find purposeful leadership. Bearing that in mind, the Australian Dollar will likely concentrate the regional central bank policy statement in the week beforehand. It's widely anticipated to maintain regular lending rates as well as the 3-year bond return goal unchanged at 0.1 percent.

However, Governor Philip Lowe and business have been leaving the door open into a expansion of quantitative easing, stating that info along with the CPI prognosis could determine a change of the yield curve management goal into the November 2024 authorities bail. Last week's delicate CPI information might have fueled those expectations. Such a result could pressure the money lower. However, a week's dovish Federal Reserve policy statement may keep the rosy outlook for shares.

On balance, this might be just another relatively quiet period forward for the Australian Dollar. However, arguably the largest threat for your Aussie remains a substance downturn in opinion that suddenly revives risk aversion.

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