10 songs of July to discover

July is no longer the off season for new music like it used to be.

10 songs of July to discover

July is no longer the off season for new music like it used to be. Between two festivals, here is a selection of ten songs that caught our attention.

Heavy sleep, Catherine Durand

(RGM) – Driven by the percussions of Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson), this sweet piece "which evokes the insomnia that lengthens the nights, when you get lost thinking too much about it" also includes the orchestration of the Cassiopée ensemble . She will find herself on the new album of the author-composer, The Orphan House, which is scheduled for the fall.

From a World To Another, Polo

(CB) – Those nostalgic for the great era of Daft Punk, Air and Mr. Oizo need not worry. In the hands of Polo

[PNJ], Kirouac

(SEN) – Im-pos-sible not to tap your feet and not shake your shoulders while listening to this summery piece, catchy as you wish. The dance floors reopened just in time for us to dance to this composition combining techno, hip-hop and dance, in a skilful way to tackle an evil of our time: performance anxiety. .

I'm coming, DRUG

(RGM) – Super group formed by Louis-Cyr (vocals), Pierre Fortin (percussions), Stéphane Papillon (guitar) and Jean-Sébastien Chouinard (guitar), Drogue is back with a new title, J'arrive, plus d'un year after releasing a first mini-album. Once again, the short rock song of less than three minutes is of formidable intensity.

Bad B*tch II, Calamine

(CB) – In addition to winning hands down the title of the album with the best title so far in 2022 (Lesbienne woke on the autotune), the rapper Calamine plays cards on the table in this excerpt. She doesn't have her tongue in her pocket and fears no one in the competitive world of "rap keb". You will have been warned.

Movies, Milk

(SEN) – Movies is in line with the danceable and sparkling line of recent pieces by the duo (Bigger Love and Borders). We would not be surprised to find this song in one or more films. Looking forward to October 28, the announced date of the release of Chrysalism, their highly anticipated third opus.

All the girls are beautiful, Gab Bouchard

(RGM) – New extract from the album Grafignes, to be released on August 26, All the girls are beautiful shows Gab Bouchard fully embracing his role as a young crooner. "Even though all the girls are beautiful / There's something more in your eyes", he sings on this track which ends in a nice crescendo.

365, Barbara Right

(CB) – The most recent revelation of the Victoires de la musique looks back on a pivotal year in 365, the one that followed his remarkable second place at Eurovision 2021. Far from being satisfied with a simple assessment, this emerging and promising voice on the French scene also bears witness to a great passion for life.

Mademoiselle, Sébastien Tellier (with Charlotte Casiraghi)

(SEN) - Sébastien Tellier composed the soundtrack for Chanel's fall-winter 2022-2023 haute couture show. On this one, the Mademoiselle piece is a nod to Coco Chanel. To her voice with electronic accents is added that of Charlotte Casiraghi, member of the princely family of Monaco, ambassador and spokesperson for the haute couture house.

Parasite, Bibi Club

(RGM) – Duo formed by the couple Adèle Trottier-Rivard (Louis-Jean Cormier) and Nicolas Basque (Plants and Animals), Bibi Club offers us here the only English title of its new album, Le soleil et la mer (release scheduled for August 26). "An upbeat song, new wave, tongue-in-cheek, with an end that opens on a haunting and groovy universe", says the couple, about this piece.

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