25 restaurants to visit for all budgets

Epicurean and curious by nature? Here are 25 restaurants to put in your notebook for a gourmet year 2023!.

25 restaurants to visit for all budgets

Epicurean and curious by nature? Here are 25 restaurants to put in your notebook for a gourmet year 2023!


We are first bewitched by the super warm atmosphere, then seduced by both the team and the quality of the dishes. A small restaurant that has nothing to envy to the big ones.

What to take: knuckles (small pizza turnover) as an aperitif, followed by a feast of vegetables and gourmet pasta.

► knucklescantineetvins.ca


You can enjoy modern and very personal Korean cuisine. A tapas-style formula that is very popular!

What to take: Galbi and dumplings

► 9tailfox.ca


Calaveras is the perfect neighborhood family Mexican restaurant. The dishes, sometimes authentic, sometimes modernized, will please young and old alike.

Quoi prendre: birria tacos, taco pastor negro

► restocalaveras.com


Derived from the very popular Cambodian dish, khuy taev, Ketiw is a Cambodian noodle and sandwich counter that is absolutely worth a visit. Simple, yet incredibly complex and aromatic dishes. To discover.

What to take: khuy taev, broth on the side, with egg noodles

► ketiw.ca

Cafe Denise

A small but innocuous wine bar, where you drink excellent natural wines, and where the food is as attractive as the service.

What to take: the beef temaki first, then let the team guide you

► cafedenise.ca

Arthur’s Nosh Bar

Why wait for the weekend to have brunch? Arthur's serves one of the best breakfasts in town every day (except Tuesdays). Festive atmosphere included.

What to get: Syrniki (thick pancakes) and any dish including latkes.

► arthursmtl.com


Bewitching, gourmet dishes, with such intelligence that one wonders how the team thought of it. We quickly understand why the Mastard was crowned one of the best new restaurants of 2022.

What to take: the tasting menu.

► restaurantmasterd.com

Plots (Austin)

Reasoned “field to plate” cuisine – always including wood-fired pizzas – in an enchanting setting between the mountains and the lake.

What to take: the proposed menu.

► parcellesaustin.com

The Footprint (Sherbrooke)

A hyper local and uninhibited cuisine, in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke. Whether at the bar or in the dining room, we like the proximity and the direct relationship with the kitchen team.

What to take: the tasting menu.

► lempreinteresto.com

Mollies Dinette (Sutton)

Whether you stop there on a stopover or before a hike, the Mollies bar is an excellent place to have a bite to eat with a small drink (or not). Sweet or savory, here, everything is delicious and comforting.

What to take: a homemade pie with a coffee, which will follow a good bowl of homemade pasta, soup or sandwich.

► facebook.com/mollies.dinette.sutton

Bistro Kapzak, Pavane and Arvida (Granby)

Granby, the city to discover in 2023? With the Pavane, Arvida and Bistro Kapzak restaurants, you might think so. Three addresses to remember!

► bistrokapzak.ca► pavane.ca► arvidarestaurant.com

Théophile Wine bar (Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville)

Careful market cuisine, in a decor (and atmosphere) that quickly makes you forget that we are at Promenades Saint-Bruno. A restaurant to put at the top of your address book for 2023.

What to take: beef carpaccio and fresh pasta

► theophilebaravin.ca

Willow Inn (Hudson)

A night at the Auberge Willow Inn, followed (or preceded) by a meal where the simplicity and mastery of the dishes make them divine. All this is without mentioning the breathtaking view of the Ottawa River.

What to get: the rib steak for two, with fries.

► fr.aubergewillowinn.com

Cru (Saint-Lambert)

The destination for lovers of raw or cooked fish and seafood! The young chef Nicolas does not take vertebrate animals lightly, working with them in an original and daring way.

What to get: the fish à la slate of the day and the tuna steak with maïtake and truffle.

► restaurantcru.ca

Furley (Hudson)

The Furley is a playful and intelligent concept to discover. We sit at the wine bar for lunch or dinner, tasting top quality meat and fresh bread from their butcher and bakery, located less than 20 meters away. To discover.

What to take: fried artichokes, “patty melt” for lunch and a nice piece of meat in the evening. Donuts at the bakery on Saturday!

► furley.ca


Original cocktails, organic or natural wines, skilfully crafted small dishes with Laurentian flavours. The Baumier wine bar, run by a very young team, is definitely an address to discover in 2023.

What to get: The menu changes constantly! Trust the team.

► baumier.ca

Thank you life

Here is a mandatory stop between the Hautes-Laurentides and Montreal. Whether it's to stock up on a unique bread in Quebec with sublime pastries, or to take the time to sit down and enjoy such a tasty and healthy lunch, the stop is a must.

What to have: Potato bread, Mad Scientist bread, chocolatine, naan banh-mi, Korean broccoli and a pizza.

► mercilavie.co

Resto Bar Le Xavier (Old-Terrebonne)

Le Xavier, located in a magnificent heritage house, offers guests the opportunity to eat, drink and even sleep under one roof, with two rental apartments. This unique place is full of subtleties, and you can eat a young and resourceful cuisine.

What to take: the confit salmon, the neighbor's BRUT burrata and a few vegetable dishes.

► lexavier.com/

District Gourmet Sainte-Foy

The DG is much more than a gastronomic hall. With 9 restaurants, a bar and a delicatessen, all in a friendly and lively atmosphere, it is the ideal place to celebrate with a group. Table service included!

What to take: let the inspiration of the moment guide you. Don't forget to have an aperitif at "La Plage".

► ledstrictgourmet.ca


A fixed menu restaurant, with all ingredients sourced from within a 150km radius of the kitchen. Values ​​and an uncompromising philosophy, which makes this table one of the most sustainable and eco-responsible in the country.

What to take: fixed menu (allergies and intolerances taken into account).

► restaurantalentours.com

La Midinette

The Monna sisters, these inspiring women entrepreneurs who have democratized – and brought blackcurrant to many tables throughout Quebec – are extending their influence to the other side of Île d’Orléans. La Midinette is a bakery that also serves as a café-refreshment bar that is worth a detour!

► facebook.com/La-Midinette

Kundah Hôtel

This restaurant (and not a hotel) successfully succeeds in presenting authentic Indian flavors, while promoting the terroir of Quebec. Also dare a cocktail.

What to take: the tasting menu to share, which makes you travel.

► kundahhotel.com

Bistro L'Origine

Part of the La Tanière Group, this chic and friendly bistro offers creative, local, seasonal cuisine, with a focus on vegetables. Vegetarian or not, all of Quebec deserves to discover L’Orygine.

What to get: The menu changes every season. Let yourself be inspired by the creations of chef Lemay.

► lorygine.com


Melba is the latest restaurant to open in Quebec's Lower Town. From the same family as the Italian bistro Battuto, you can enjoy modern French cuisine, where small dishes to share are in the spotlight.

What to take: the perfect place to whet your appetite with a cocktail, dauphine potatoes and egg remoulade.

► restaurantmelba.ca

Restaurant Wong

An institution of the capital that has not blushed for more than 60 years, the Restaurant Wong, whose third generation is now at the helm, is not about to stop lighting up rue De Buade. Contemporary Chinese cuisine that is always a pleasure to enjoy with family or friends.

What to get: Egg rolls, Asian burrata, Cantonese fried rice

► restaurantwong.com

Tommy Dion is a columnist/food critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide www.lecuisinomane.com