3 ideas for a trip to Centre-du-Québec this summer

This summer, we're doing - again! - the tour of Quebec.

3 ideas for a trip to Centre-du-Québec this summer

This summer, we're doing - again! - the tour of Quebec. Each weekend, we offer you a few new or lesser-known attractions in a region of the province. Enough to complete your vacation itinerary or fill your days off. Today: heading for the Centre-du-Québec.

Tasting at Jackalhop

Created by three childhood friends, the Jackalhop microbrewery opened its doors in Plessisville in July 2021. Visitors can discover the hopped creations of the young company in its tasting room or in its large courtyard, which overlooks large fields of barley and which is bordered by beach volleyball courts.

Customers are invited to improvise a small game or bring their own beach games and picnic, or even order a small meal in one of the restaurants in the area. A festive and friendly place. Info: jackalhop.com

Yoga-alpaca on the farm

Do sun salutations in the middle of alpacas? This is what the Alpacas Fibrefine farm in Sainte-Eulalie, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, will be offering this summer. The “yoga-alpaca” sessions will take place in the pastures of the friendly, but shy, camelids, on certain predefined dates.

The company will offer other special activities throughout the summer, including alpaca handling workshops, photography sessions and drawing or knitting and spinning workshops. In addition to this “10th anniversary program”, it is possible to make agritourism visits with the owners at any time, and to discover the store. Info: alpacasfibrefine.com

Enchanted stay at Magic Tingwick

Magic Tingwick is a place of accommodation like no other where you can go glamping in a house in the trees, a mini-chapel or even a gypsy caravan, and this, in the heart of a forest of maple trees bordered by a small stream.

Peaceful, the site is home to mountain pastures, chickens and rabbits and includes a beautiful central pavilion with spa, fireplace, lounge, kitchens and barbecue. Magic Tingwick is located in the small village of Tingwick, about 1 hour 45 minutes from Montreal and Quebec. Info: magictingwick.com

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