3 ideas for a trip to Montreal this summer

This summer, we're doing - again! - the tour of Quebec.

3 ideas for a trip to Montreal this summer

This summer, we're doing - again! - the tour of Quebec. Each weekend, we offer you a few new or lesser-known attractions in a region of the province. Enough to complete your vacation itinerary or fill your days off. Today: heading to Montreal.

Butterflies roaming free all year round, an immersive experience, underground worlds... Closed for three years for major renovations, the Montreal Insectarium reopened its doors in mid-April 2022 to present a renewed experience and decor. The curious will be able to browse a lush vivarium populated by 175 species of insects, discover “alcoves” inspired by the habitat of these small creatures and visit “poll booths” for amazing one-on-ones. There is also the “dome”, which houses 3000 stuffed insect specimens.

Info: espacepourlavie.ca

Many people take culinary tours when they travel abroad. Why not do it in Montreal too? Several Airbnb hosts offer this type of discovery; several well-established companies as well. This is the case with Local Montreal Food Tours, with which you can “taste” Old Montreal or the Mile-End. Or even Tours de la table, which offers various gastronomic tours, such as "Under the Surface: Montreal's Chinatown" and "Jewish Montreal, the original tour". A way to enjoy yourself, but also to discover unsuspected neighborhoods, cultures and parts of history. Like a little trip!

Info: toursdelatable.com and localfoodtours.com/fr/montreal

The Pointe-à-Callières museum celebrated its 30th anniversary on May 17, 2022. There will therefore be special programming this year, including an exhibition retracing the history of Montreal and a digital rally. At the moment, there is also a regular temporary exhibition which is likely to fascinate more than one: “Vikings, dragons of the North Seas”. This new immersive exhibition features the Viking collection of the National Museum of Denmark, which Pointe-à-Callières describes as one of the most beautiful in the world, and explores, among other things, the mythology of this still and always mysterious people.


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