5 perfect wines for your cooked dishes... on the barbecue!

Wine, if chosen wisely, can accompany almost any dish; from the most delicate to the richest and most spicy.

5 perfect wines for your cooked dishes... on the barbecue!

Wine, if chosen wisely, can accompany almost any dish; from the most delicate to the richest and most spicy. Beer too, you might say. Especially with barbecue season in full swing. Nevertheless, if you want wine, do not sulk your pleasure. Know that there are a host of hyperversatile wines.

Starting with sparkling wines, far too often confined to aperitifs. Nothing beats the acidity of a crémant, a champagne or even a good cava, for example, to cut through the fat and the saltiness of ribs and grilled sausages. More of a vegetable lover? Accompany your grilled asparagus with a white wine from Austria. Rainbow trout in foil? Serve an ample unoaked, like those produced in the south of France. Rare steak ? Play the classic card with a tannic red wine, or even that of lightness with a supple red or a structured and mineral white wine, like an Assyrtiko from Santorini. Above all, trust yourself. Keep it simple and have fun. Health !

★★★ | $1⁄2 | $15.20 | Spain 14% | 3.1 g/L – Organic

Code SAQ: 13632365

Since its arrival at the SAQ, this organic monastrell (mourvèdre) has become one of my must-haves, for all seasons. During the summer, I like to serve it chilled, around 15°C, with grilled beef or portobello burgers. The fruity flavors of the 2020 are generous and enticing, but the wine retains excellent freshness. We bet that the altitude of the vineyards (900 meters) has something to do with it...

★★★1⁄2 | $$ | $22.50 | Italy 13% | 3 g/L – Organic

Code SAQ: 14923990

Rossojbleo is made with grapes from the foothills of Monti Iblei, just north of the city Vittoria. The suppleness and crunchy and exuberant fruity flavors of Rossojbleo are reminiscent of good cerasuolo di Vittoria, but at a more affordable price. This marriage of vigor and generosity makes it a wine of choice for aubergines and grilled lamb chops. Gourmand, full of fruity, floral, spicy and herbaceous flavors. A great buy at $23!

★★★★ | $$1⁄2 | $28.10 | France 13% | 1.8g/L

Code SAQ: 14815260

Jean-Paul Thévenet studied with Jules Chauvet, the godfather of the nature movement. His son Charly took over for a good ten years and he signs a Morgon straight, frank and could not be more honest, in 2020. The nose plays a little muted at the opening, but after an hour of aeration, the scents of violet and black cherry are revealed, supported by fine and velvety tannins and a vibrant acidity. Hurry, while there's some left.

★★★ | $$ | $23.15 | Austria 11.5% | 1 g/L – Biodynamic

Code SAQ: 14729337

Desire for change ? This white from the Burgenland region, in the very east of Austria, should meet your expectations. An unusual blend (chardonnay, pinot blanc, grüner veltliner, welschriesling, neuburger, muscat ottonel, pinot gris and roter traminer) to which a short maceration on the skins gives extra body and aromatic intensity, without having the structure of a wine orange. Original finish with dill accents. A nice pairing in perspective with grilled veal chops, chimichurri sauce. Serve it around 12°C.

★★★ | $1⁄2 | $17.85 | France 13% | 1.8 g/L – Organic

Code SAQ: 11095877  

François Collard's wines are always impeccable, from the most modest to top-of-the-range cuvées. Even after fifteen years – and as many vintages – the estate’s “little white” still surprises me. A proven blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Vermentino and Marsanne that offers a lovely bouquet of flowers and fresh almonds. The mouth presents a moderate acidity, but the final leaves on a delicate bitterness, which accentuates the feeling of salinity.

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