A team Europe in labor or forceps delivery

Corresponding to Brussels If the aim was to resolder the franco-German couple after plusieursmois of tension and misunderstanding, it is successful. Because

A team Europe in labor or forceps delivery

Corresponding to Brussels

If the aim was to resolder the franco-German couple after plusieursmois of tension and misunderstanding, it is successful. Because it is a nice political operation that led to concert Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel in favour of this Europe which never ceases to crack. Of course, the operation would have been more if the German chancellor had been forced to abstain to save the SPD, their coalition partner. But, this time, all member States are on board and are managed on Tuesday to agree on the appointments to the highest responsibilities of the european Union. The German minister of Defense (CDU) Ursula von der Leyen was chosen to the presidency of the european Commission to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker. The French Christine Lagarde, the current director general of the IMF, ex-minister of Nicolas Sarkozy but never a member of fire the UMP, is proposed for the presidency of the european central Bank, where it will take the result of Mario Draghi. The one and the other have past a step. They will still get the green light from meps in mid-July for the first, and one of the governors of the central banks to the second.

This is a message of modernity that is addressed to the european citizens,

The ticket von der Leyen-Lagarde, proposed Monday night by Macron to the German chancellor, allows France and Germany to obtain each position of the european scale. The european right, arrive at the head of the election, will retain the presidency of the Commission, which, under an agreement adopted before the election, was to return to the Spitzenkandidat of the EPP, Manfred Weber. Emmanuel Macron, "kills" bel and the procedure of the Spitzenkandidat and lays the groundwork for future transnational lists. By allowing two women to have access for the first time to these responsibilities the european in the foreground, and it is a message of modernity that is addressed to the european citizens. The French president, who had made gender parity a precondition to these appointments, records on this point for a victory and without appeal. "This is something that is very important for him," repeated-one on the French side these last few days. "This is the first woman" at the head of the Commission and "the first time in 52 years that Germany" occupies the presidency of the Commission, welcomed the chancellor.

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The "package" of nominations, endorsed by the european leaders, is complemented by two men. Charles Michel, the belgian prime minister, labelled liberal, was appointed to the presidency of the european Council, to succeed Donald Tusk. The social-democrat Josep Borrell, the current Spanish minister of foreign Affairs, will be the Italian Federica Mogherini to the post of high representative. The coupling of "strong and experienced", according to Emmanuel Macron, however, suffers some imperfections. "Everyone can't have what he asks", had warned on Monday afternoon Angela Merkel, speaking to the leaders of the EPP and RE, which never seemed to end not to up the ante.

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The other appointments or positions promised to allow you to round the corners and getting to better balance geographical and political. The social democrats could thus claim to the presidency of the european Parliament with the president of bulgaria, the Party of european socialists (PES), Sergei Stanishev, for the first part of the mandate, the second returning to a EPP. The choice of Stanishev allows you to give a position in a country of eastern Europe. Meps will vote on Wednesday morning.

Also filled two other positions at the Commission, representative of the larger portfolios that it remains to be defined, attempt to deal with possible bitterness. They come back to two former Spitzenkandidaten: the ex-first vice-president of the european Commission Frans Timmermans and the commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager. A third large post could be attributed to the Slovak Maros Sefcovic. This last appointment would send a signal of more to the East of the continent. But, for the time being, this is not confirmed.

Tuesday, goal Twenty-Eight was out of the impasse to avoid feeding the trial of a Europe unable to choose. After the disaster of Sunday and Monday, they were condemned to succeed. But things were not so simple as that to make it succeed.

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Mourning for the system of Spitzenkandidaten

By mid-afternoon, the case seemed very well engaged and an agreement was at hand. "In an hour and a half Emmanuel Macron leaves to Paris," confided one, ensured the French side. But the atmosphere had then been substantially cooled. Twenty-Eight, installed in the Board room, on the 11th floor of the building Europa, were not then it was repeated on all tones that once entered the room, things would go quickly. The hundreds of journalists that are installed in the large media room, the ground floor of the Council, saw the time turn dangerously. In reality, the new plan, the beautiful operation policy proposed by Emmanuel Macron Angela Merkel had, like the previous one, a cross-fire, but this time of the social democrats, German and Spanish. "There is a problem between Merkel and the SPD," confided a source european. "It is true that it blocks it", said another.

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It must be said that the snake that was proposed to swallow and is only slightly less big than the one offered two days earlier to the EPP, that is to say, to the european right. With this new plan, the SPD, who cherished the hope to see a social democrat - in the case FransTimmermans - take the head of the Commission, saw his hopes soar. They were also "demoted" to the position of high representative with the Spanish Josep Borrell. The discussions have been very tight. Angela Merkel has called in the head of the SPD, Martin Schulz, during the meeting to convince him to accept the proposed scheme. At the end of three quarters of an hour, she has chosen not to block more of the Twenty-Eight and desist order, as is provided in such a situation, the political uses of the coalition German. At 19: 04, the president of the Council Donald Tusk announced on Twitter the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Charles Michel and Josep Borrell. The new "team Europe" is now on the rails. But, it is very likely that the way in which happened the things that leaves traces in the coalition German chancellor Angela Merkel, the CDU-CSU and the EPP, as the SPD. "Vis-à-vis public opinion, it will be very difficult for them to criticize the fact that a German is appointed to the Commission", wanted to believe Tuesday evening a diplomat. It is in Strasbourg that will now play the second part of the match with the election of the president of the european Parliament this Wednesday, and then Ursula von der Leyen mid-July. It is based on the results that we will know if the meps, christian democrats, social democrats and environmentalists, have been mourning the loss of the system of Spitzenkandidaten.

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