Crash of Ethiopian Airlines: Boeing 737 Max banned from flying in the United States

The sky world closes little by little to the modernized version of the 737, the best-seller of Boeing. On Wednesday, the us president, Donald Trump has finally

Crash of Ethiopian Airlines: Boeing 737 Max banned from flying in the United States

The sky world closes little by little to the modernized version of the 737, the best-seller of Boeing. On Wednesday, the us president, Donald Trump has finally announced that all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 will be nailed to the ground. However, the United States , almost isolated, estimated Tuesday that there was no reason to nail him to the ground and the device. "We will enact an emergency ban on all flights of the 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9," said Donald Trump from the White House. "The safety of Americans, and of all passengers is our absolute priority", he added. Donald Trump has stated that this downtime will last until Boeing finds a solution. After the announcement, the title of Boeing lost 2.9 per cent, before recovering gradually.

The two black boxes received by the French investigators,

For its part, the u.s. agency of aviation (FAA) said in a press release that it was ordered to be nailed to the ground "provisionally" the Boeing 737 Max and driving in the United States as a result of new satellite data "collected and analyzed" on Wednesday, regarding the plane of Ethiopian Airlines that crashed on Sunday. The flight ban "will be maintained for the time of further investigations, including a review of the information contained" in the two black boxes of the device. These last, which record the flight parameters and on the other hand, the conversations and sounds in the cockpit until the time of the accident, were found on Monday, but have not yet been decrypted. They were received on Thursday by investigators of the Bureau of investigations and analyses (BEA) French, Ethiopia does not have the equipment needed to read them. Earlier Wednesday, the office of air accident investigation German had also announced that it did not have the technical means needed to examine the black boxes, the latter being equipped with a new software.

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Boeing continues to defend its aircraft

In a press release, Boeing stated that "support the action to stop temporarily the operations of the 737 MAX," even if the company "continues to have full confidence in (s)security". However, the manufacturer stated that, after consultation of the differences in governmental bodies it has decided "in an abundance of caution," recommending "the temporary suspension of operations of the entire global fleet" consisting of 371 units. "We support this proactive decision taken by caution. Security is an important value for Boeing since we make aircraft," said Dennis Muilenburg, the head of the constructor, insisting however on the fact that the recommendation to temporarily stop its planes was at the initiative of Boeing in order to reassure the public.

The sky closes at the Boeing 737 Max

earlier on Wednesday, the Canada had made the same decision after having received in the morning of "new data" on the circumstances of the crash, explained the minister of Transport, Marc Garneau. For its part, the european aviation safety Agency (EASA) had already decided Tuesday to close the airspace the Boeing 737Max 8 and 9. On its website, the EASA has indicated to suspend all the flights of these devices, whether they are "into, out of, or within the european Union, the operators are european or from third countries". Earlier in the day Tuesday, Germany banned the 737 Max 8 and 9 "to the 12 June", the same for the Serbia. The France , the United Kingdom , the Italian , Austria , Ireland , the netherlands , the Greece and now the Algeria have excluded all the 737 Max and the Poland only the 737 Max 8.

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These decisions come at a time when for the second time in a few months, a plane of the model Max8 of the company Ethiopian Airlines crashed on Sunday, a few minutes after take-off. The 157 passengers and crew members did not survive this tragic accident. Just like the 189 people who were aboard a flight of the company's indonesian Lion Air, Boeing 737 Max8, which crashed in sea on 29 October off the coast of Jakarta. One of the black boxes of the device had reported problems of speed indicator. From, ads to countries and companies indicating their decision to nail it temporarily to the ground and the fourth generation aircraft to fall in a cascade.

Well, elsewhere in the world, the Egypt , Tunisia , Turkey , the Vietnam , Australia , the New Zealand , Singapore , the united arab Emirates and the Kuwait have banned all of the Boeing 737 Max in their airspace. Same thing in Argentina , where the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 have been banned temporarily the air space of the country, a measure which will remain in force as long as the investigation does not give conclusive information. In Japan , the ministry of Transport has decided to turn Thursday to ban the airspace of the archipelago to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9, as well as Russia. The Malaysia has done the same with the Boeing 737 Max 8 and Serbia for the B-737 Max 8 and 9. As of Monday, the China , which represents one-fifth of the world deliveries of this device, had suspended flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 until confirmation by the u.s. government and Boeing, of "measures taken to ensure the effective security of flights". A total of 76 Boeing family 737 Max have been delivered to about a dozen chinese airlines.

The Indonesia has also asked its airlines to stop its fleet of 11 Boeing 737 Max 8. Lion Air announced Tuesday the postponement of the receipt of an order of four Boeing 737 Max. The India has announced on Tuesday to have nailed to the ground its fleet of Boeing 737 Max. Oman has also suspended the operations of 5 Boeing 737 Max of the national airline, Oman Air, the South Korea required the immobilization of the two devices of the local company, low-cost Eastar Jet in waiting for the results of an inspection. In Asia, the Thailand announced Wednesday that it was suspending "temporarily" for seven days the use of flights of Boeing Max9. Three aircraft of the airline Thai Lion Air are impacted. The Mongolia was nailed to the ground the single 737 Max 8 of the national carrier, Mongolian Airlines.

• compacompanies that secure their aircraft

on Sunday, Ethiopian Airlines to the result of the accident suffered, was nailed to the ground 4 Boeing 737 Max. Tuifly (Germany, and Great Britain, 15 aircraft), flyDubai (united arab Emirates, 13), Gol (Brazil, 7), Aeromexico (Mexico, 6), BATCH (Pl, 5), Aerolineas Argentinas (Argentina, 5), Icelandair (Iceland, 3), Comair (South Africa, 1) and Cayman Airways (Cayman islands, 2) have immobilized their Boeing 737 Max 8. About Norwegian Air Shuttle (Norway, 18 aircraft) and the Turkish Airlines (Turkey, 12 planes), these companies have decided to stop their Boeing 737 Max. Moreover, Norwegian Air Shuttle, to the financial situation, already tense, wants to demand financial redress from the u.s. manufacturer. "We'll send the invoice in full to Boeing", said on Wednesday a spokesman. "Norwegian should not be penalized economically because a plane totally new can not fly".

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