Donald Trump raises its threat of trade sanctions on Mexico

Washington much to The relief of the leaders of his own party and the business world, Donald Trump has decided on Friday evening, June 7, to save Mexico from

Donald Trump raises its threat of trade sanctions on Mexico


much to The relief of the leaders of his own party and the business world, Donald Trump has decided on Friday evening, June 7, to save Mexico from a rise in customs duty of 5%, which would enter into force on Monday.

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The u.s. president considers that it is satisfied of the emergency measures taken by the mexican government to control the flows of migrants from central America in order to seek asylum in the United States. "The customs duties that the United States had imposed Monday on Mexico are suspended indefinitely," tweeted Donald Trump in the evening.

To avoid surcharges on some 350 billion dollars of mexican exports to the United States, the President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has agreed to extend across the border of Mexico, a program controversial already in force in the border cities of Mexicali, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. It is supposed to sit on the floor mexican for weeks, thousands of migrants, often from the family, the time that the us authorities decide on their asylum application.

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Further concession from the government of Mexico city, after three days of negotiations in Washington: the national Guard, militarized mexican will be deployed on the southern border of the country in order to deter or prevent migrants from Guatemala to penetrate on the soil of mexico.

On the other hand Marcelo Ebrard, mexico's secretary of foreign Affairs, underlined that his country has refused the requirement of the initial Washington was to give Mexico the status of "country tier course", so that the american police force on the borders to repress permanently in Mexico and the asylum seekers.


The action last week by Donald Trump to the threat of tariffs to pressure on a country friend, in order to extract concessions on a folder that has nothing to do with the business, had shocked the world diplomatic and financial.

Even the republican leaders of Congress outraged by the maneuvers that put in danger the adoption of the new free trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, sought a legislative means to invalidate the trade sanctions aloft by the White House. Within the administration Trump, the trade negotiators, the President had vainly tried to dissuade him from creating this precedent is dangerous.

Their arguments, however, were swept away by the wrath of Donald Trump in learning 132.000 south american migrants had been apprehended by american police in the borders during the single month of may, a level not seen since 2006.

in The eyes of Donald Trump, it is "an invasion" that deserves to be blocked by all means. The erection of a "ripe" for better physical separation of the Mexico and the United States is still a priority of the White House, despite the refusal of Congress to grant him the credit for its construction.

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the name of the fight against immigration, the United States were willing to plunge their neighbor to the south in the recession. The threat was in effect on customs duty of 5%, starting on 10 June, followed by a series of increments of 5% until October, reaching 25%. Gold 80% of mexican exports are destined for the United States. Such sanctions would, in addition, rendered politically impossible any entry into force of the new free trade agreement negotiated last year, presented so far as a great political success of the White House.

u.s. consumers have been directly affected by these measures in the form of price increases for many products imported from Mexico, in particular, automobiles, equipment, fruits and vegetables. "We applaud the administration for its decision not to impose tariffs on mexican products. Free and fair trade is what allows the american auto industry to continue to invest in its operations in the United States. We strongly support the Agreement Canada Mexico United States and ask the Congress to adopt it without delay," said in a press release the American Automotive Policy Council, an association that brings together General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, who have numerous factories and suppliers of the two sides of the fontrière with Mexico.

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