Electric cars, 80 km/h: what is the law mobility

The text of the law, "mobility" is to return to the National Assembly from Monday. To recall, the deputies and the senators were not able to come to an agreem

Electric cars, 80 km/h: what is the law mobility

The text of the law, "mobility" is to return to the National Assembly from Monday. To recall, the deputies and the senators were not able to come to an agreement on this text in July during a joint commission with equal representation. At the time, the ministry of Transport had attributed this failure to the majority in the senate - in other words, the Republicans - accusing him of "delaying the implementation of important measures to our fellow citizens and expected by the territorial communities".

with more than 140 articles and after a deposit of nearly 3,500 amendments, this law "mobilities" is one of the most important of the quinquennium. The law as the "swiss army knife" is a veritable catalogue of measures heterogeneous expected to respond to the dual challenge of the reduction of the territorial divide in terms of transportation and the environmental emergency. All in response to the recent crisis of the "yellow vests".

overall, the State will spend $ 13.4 billion euros of investment on transport in 2018-2022, an increase of 40% over 2013-2017. The rail network will receive 51% of the sum while the road network will be renovated with 39% of the total investment. For their part, employers are required to contribute to the financing of modes of transport alternative with a new "trading mobility" listed on their social agenda.

Presented by the government as a "toolbox" at the disposal of the elected representatives and transport operators, the law "LOM" contains several concrete measures that will have an influence on the transport, both public and private, of the next few years. Review of the main measures.

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back to the 80 km/h : the law intends to give jurisdiction to the chairs of the department to raise the speed limit on some roads undergoing today the limitation imposed last year by Édouard Philippe. 48 departments have already made the choice to go back to the former limitation. This unpopular measure had been considered one of the detonators of the crisis of the "yellow vests".

The end of the sale of the vehicles to fossil fuels - gasoline, diesel, and natural gas by 2040. . The article of the law bearing on this measure also provides for the goal of reaching carbon neutrality of land transport by 2050. "France is the appointment of the urgency of the climate challenge, and our majority mark its determination to engage in an ambitious and credible, and our transport on the way to the specific mobility", welcomed the minister of Transport, Elizabeth Terminal. This section of the act LOM had, however, been debate, some mps, Delphine Batho in the head, believing the deadline to be inadequate and has proposed an amendment bringing it back to 2030, amendment rejected.

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The opportunity for all municipalities to create "low-emission" (EPZS) prohibiting the movement of certain polluting vehicles to certain hours. These areas will become mandatory in those jurisdictions where the standards of air quality are not met. As early as 2020, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse or Toulon bring in EPZS.Concretely, the vehicle the more pollutants according to the classification Crit'Air will be banished from the scope selected according to procedures - dates, times, possible exceptions - at the discretion of the communities.

● On roads, extra-urban and motorway, the ability to reserve lanes, temporarily or permanently, for certain types of vehicles (public transport, "clean" vehicle, car-sharing, taxis...). The VTC is excluded from device "in order to avoid too much clutter important of these ways", stated the deputies in the commission. For cars emitting low levels of CO2, the mayors of the municipalities will also be able to reserve some parking spaces.

● ● ● ● ● vidéoverbalisation and scooters framed. video surveillance should be significantly reinforced with cameras reading licence plates and the ability to verbalize the drivers in abuse. The law will also set a framework for the "solutions" self-service": a bicycle, scooter or even scooters available in short term rental. The LOM allows communities to establish a specification laying down the operators of criteria, such as "information for users on the rules of parking", the "respect to pedestrians". The act also provides "new road safety measures" to protect users. In addition, the minimum age to use the scooters power is set at 12 years.

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The development of digital platforms "all in one" . The objective is to develop the platforms and multimodal which include all the offerings of the mobilities, in order to allow travelers the ability to book several transport through a single application.

lines of shuttles and self-charging electric . To prepare for the future, the presentation text of the act discusses the establishment of regular lines of shuttle buses are autonomous (no driver) for a short distance, for example between a centre-bourg and the nearest train station". To promote electric cars, the LOM will make it mandatory for the pre-equipment of terminals of electric charging in all car parks of more than 10 spaces of new or renovated buildings, and equipment of all parking lots of over 20 spaces in non-residential buildings by 2025. The "right decision" (right to equip a parking lot of a facility dedicated to the charging of an electric vehicle) will also be extended. The cost of installing the charging stations, electric open to the public must also be "dramatically reduced" thanks to greater support costs of connecting to the network.

r reduction of the cost of the licence . The bill promises a driving licence "cheaper and faster". A parliamentary report on the reform of the permit has been sent to Edward Philippe last February. In addition, a pilot test of the online registration for the practical test of the driving licence is provided.

A package "sustainable mobilities" of 400 euros . The law sets this fee paid by employers who wish to encourage movesments to bike or carpool. This package, with no social charges or tax, will initially be optional. The law also aims to "facilitate the life of the local communities" who wish to encourage the French to leave their car in the garage. The exercise of "skill mobility" will be simplified, which may include the establishment of a platform of carpooling, the availability of vehicles in car-sharing, etc

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● The opening up to competition of the bus, Ile-de-France. The topic has caused heated debate in the chamber. The schedule provides an opening to the competition in 2021 for the buses of the great crown, and in 2025 for those of the RATP, in accordance with a european commitment. The law LOM opens for the RATP the ability to create dedicated branches that will enable it to respond to calls for proposals in the perspective of this opening to the competition.

● measures for cycling

The bill also contains the "bicycle Plan" presented last September, which aims to triple its share in the movement by 2024. It includes a number of measures including the creation of a fund of 350 million euros to adapt the landfills. In order to combat the thefts, the text also provides for a mandatory tagging and the creation of a national file. It requires the SNCF and the RATP to the realization of parking secure bike before January 1, 2024.

The mobility of people with disabilities encouraged . The draft law ") introduces new tools to facilitate the daily lives of people in situation of handicap". Chaperones, for example, can benefit from free or reduced rates. Information on accessibility should be strengthened, and the parking lots equipped with charging stations, electric will be more affordable.

The creation of a contribution of air transport , estimated at 30 million euros, for the financing of other modes of transport, in the absence of a tax on kerosene. To Elizabeth Terminal, a tax on the air at the national level has no meaning. It is necessary, according to it, a european tax in order for the measure to be effective.

The possibility for the regions to directly manage the "short lines" railway . This amendment voted in the Senate to help answer many of the concerns about the potential closure of these "small lines" that had cornered a good part of the proceedings of the railway reform adopted last spring.

Updated Date: 03 September 2019, 00:00

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