Electricity, gas, income tax return : what is changing in June

• The price of electricity increases The regulated tariffs of electricity, applied by EDF to approximately 25 million households, increases of 5.9% on Saturday

Electricity, gas, income tax return : what is changing in June
• The price of electricity increases

The regulated tariffs of electricity, applied by EDF to approximately 25 million households, increases of 5.9% on Saturday 1st June. Proposed as early as February by the Commission for energy regulation, the new fares had been frozen this winter by the government, at the height of the crisis of the "yellow vests". "There will be during the summer, ( ... ), because you can't infinitely push things, this increase", said recently, François de Rugy on the tv show "public Hearing". "The proposed increase by the Commission of energy regulation is of the same order of magnitude as the increases reflected in the other countries: 8 % in Spain and Italy, and 20% increase in the social tariff in Belgium," says the government.

• The price of gas drops

Concomitantly with the increase in electricity prices, regulated prices of gas continue to fall, of 0.45 %. To attempt to appease the movement of the "yellow vests", the ministry of the ecological Transition and solidarity had announced last January, to the freezing of the "tax domestic consumption on natural gas" (TICGN).

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For the five months following, the government had asked Engie to conduct a "hedging transaction" on the volume of sales to the regulated tariffs to ensure they would not rise over this period. The regulated rate for an average customer heated by natural gas has decreased by 0.73% in February, remained stable in march, and then fell again, amounting to 1.91% in April, 0.6% in may, and will decrease, so, of 0.45% in June.

• Last time to declare your income

If you live in a department whose number is between 50 and 976, you have until June 4 at midnight to complete your tax return online. The tax administration has indicated that it would prove to be tolerant to older people who do not know how to use the Internet or "those who consider themselves not to be able to do it." The people who live in a white area also benefit from the exemption.

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• trade War sino-american: the new taxes on chinese customs come into force

The trade war between China and the United States never ends. After a relative lull in recent months, hinting at the possibility of an agreement, the relations between the two largest economies in the world have again deteriorated. On may 7 the administration Trump had found "an erosion of commitments (made) by China" during the discussions with chinese negotiators in Beijing. As a direct consequence, the goods china exported to the United States, are currently taxed at 10% for ten months (for a yearly value of $ 200 billion), the imposition of new customs duties to the tune of 25%.

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China's response was not to wait: it announced an increase in customs taxes in addition to the 110 billion dollars of american products already taxed by Beijing. As of 1 June, almost $ 60 billion of american goods are taxed between 10% and 25%. This decision relates to near 5140 products "made in USA", according to the chinese ministry of Finance.

• The summer sales will begin June 26 in certain departments

Fixed by article D310-15-2 of the French commercial Code, the date general start of sales is scheduled for June 26 at 8 a.m. and extending until 6 August for the majority of the French departments. However, some departments of metropolitan france and overseas will be the subject of derogations. In the Alpes-Maritimes and Pyrénées-Orientales balances will be held Wednesday, July 3 until Tuesday, August 13. In Guadeloupe, the period of discounts will run from Saturday 28 September to Friday 8 November while the Guiana and Martinique will be able to take advantage of discounts from Thursday 3 October until Wednesday 13 November.

• phone Number is fixed for life: you have until June 7 to decide

he Will be able to retain its telephone number when moving? This is the question posed by the Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes (Arcep). To this day, in metropolis to each geographical zone corresponds to a telephone number: 01 for Ile-de-France, 02 for the regions of the northwest, 03 for the northeast 04 for the Southeast and 05 for the southwest. However, in the event of a move out of the area to which the telephone number is associated, the users do not have the right to retain their telephone number in 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. Arcep therefore proposes a relaxation which could lead, in the January 1, 2023, to remove these geographic constraints. A public consultation open until June 7 to 17H, you can give your opinion on the matter. Responses should be sent preferably by e-mail at the following address: numerotation@arcep.fr.

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