Five things to know about Jeff Bezos

1 - He is the richest man in the world This year, according to the annual ranking of Forbes, the founder of Amazon has expanded his fortune of around $ 19 bill

Five things to know about Jeff Bezos
1 - He is the richest man in the world

This year, according to the annual ranking of Forbes, the founder of Amazon has expanded his fortune of around $ 19 billion this year and has accumulated the tidy sum of 112 billion dollars. He is ahead of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Jeff Bezos owns 16% of the company to trade online that it has created.

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2 - His divorce nearly cost her very expensive

In January 2019, the giant Amazon announces his divorce with MacKenzie Tuttle after twenty-five years together and four children, formalizing parallel to her affair with the tv presenter Lauren Sanchez. Following this announcement, Jeff Bezos has been accused of blackmail by the tabloid National Enquirer , and its owner, a close relative of Donald Trump, who reportedly threatened to publish intimate photos. Later still, the concern on the part of the fortune of the billionaire that could take his ex-wife during the divorce. Finally, MacKenzie Tuttle, announced that it was planning to leave him at 75% of their titles from Amazon.

3 - Its empire Amazon is breaking records in sales

Founded in 1994, the company's flagship e-commerce created by Jeff Bezos was selling to the departure of the only books. Now, Amazon has become the brand with the most value in the world. In 2018, the group surpassed the $ 200 billion of revenue, up 31% compared to the previous year, and its capitalization has even exceeded 1000 billion in September. Its profits have reached $ 3 billion for the fourth quarter alone. The giant of e-commerce has become a cloud, through its subsidiary, AWS. Amazon is also present in the digital advertising or in the offer of video on demand. However, Amazon is very often criticized for the management of its employees. Especially in 2014 where the international trade union confederation (ITUC), representing 180 million workers, has named Jeff Bezos as the "worst boss of the world" because of its practices of tax avoidance, and to the arduous working conditions practised in the warehouses of the company.

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4 - He bought the Washington Post

In 2013, the legendary daily american policy, founded in 1877, which has had its hour of glory at the Watergate, was sold by Jeff Bezos for $ 250 million. The Washington Post has subsequently been very critical of Donald Trump in the presidential campaign. Reason for which the current president of the United States was taken to the boss of Amazon, accusing it of "get away so easily with the taxes because he uses the influence of the Washington Post so that the politicians don't tax Amazon as it should be." Jeff Bezos had responded by launching a hashtag, #sendDonaldtospace , offering to internet users to send Donald Trump in the space.

5 - He is passionate about space

This Thursday, in Washington, the boss of Amazon has presented to its audience in a Blue Moon, its project alunisseur from his company Blue Origin. The billionaire seeks the south pole of the satellite by 2024 and hope to carry equipment and people. In space, Jeff Bezos is not in its infancy: the king of online commerce invests his personal fortune for nearly twenty years in the space. He decided in the spring of 2017 to sell each year $ 1 billion share Amazon to accelerate the funding of the conquest of space. His company Blue Origin has contracts, in particular in the defence and in the military sector. Better yet, the company which employs 1500 employees, plans to send its first tourists into space with his rocket reusable New Shepard, and this, very soon. The 2 last may, the company added its eleventh test flight on his counter, and his fifth successful flight.

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