Friendship at work : six situations in which you need to be cautious

It is normal - not to say essential - to look to fit in with his colleagues. "There are in the collective unconscious an injunction perverse which is to say th

Friendship at work : six situations in which you need to be cautious

It is normal - not to say essential - to look to fit in with his colleagues. "There are in the collective unconscious an injunction perverse which is to say that we must not mix emotions and work specific, for example, Hélène Vecchiali, coach of leaders, the magazine Psychologies . Yet it is impossible to submit his heart to the setpoint arriving at work and retrieve it on the way out. Our unconscious will create links without our knowledge." That being said, how to guard against potential uncomfortable situations that could arise from a strong bond friendly between colleagues? Le Figaro made the point.

1. Your friend is your superior

friendship is a relationship of equality. Thus, it does not seem feasible to maintain this type of relationship with her supervisor. The relationship is biased especially when it comes to addressing sensitive issues such as salary and career prospects. The line manager will have decision-making power in the hands, while the reverse is not true. This privileged relationship with the chief may, however, arouse suspicion and jealousy among colleagues, which is likely to deteriorate the working atmosphere.

2. You are the supervisor of your friend

This configuration is not more favorable than the previous one. The "cronyism" makes the authority of the manager difficult to exercise. Difficult to talk to the"friend" concerned of its weaknesses, if any professional without hurting it. This may affect the friendly relationship. Conversely, if his work is remarkable, give it a increase or a promotion may be perceived as favoritism by the other members of the team. In this case, keep a impartiality and neutrality will be a task of the most complex, the judge Evelyne Rys in a ticket for Terra Femina .

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3. Your friend is your rival

When it comes to getting a promotion or a transfer, and that the places are limited, friendship in business, which has quickly its limits. The spirit of competition and individualism can quickly resume the above to the detriment of the relationship. At best, you will incur a disappointment friendly. At worst, this "friend" supposed to be used by your little secrets and even your weaknesses to achieve its business purposes.

4. Your friend going through a difficult period.

to Console a person who is going less well than you, it is rewarding. On the one hand, because it goes to a caring person and generous to all, on the other hand, because this allows to make the observation that his own life is not as complicated as one might think. Nevertheless, attention to colleagues who present themselves as victims. Especially when it is systematic. Because, in reality, they are not seeking a friend but a savior. Accept this role, it is to take the risk of absorbing negative energies at repetition. Reach out to a person distressed is, therefore, feasible, provided you keep an emotional distance sufficient, advises Evelyne Rys.

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5. You are going through a difficult period.

Even if the difficulties are real, the context is not more favorable to transform colleagues into friends. In these times, eventful, we receive more than we give ; and only long-time friends are able to show kindness to accept this fact. The colleague is probably thrilled to be playing the role of shoulder dedicated. On the other hand, if your complaints are repeated in spite of his advice, he may lose patience. And you... you to lose your professional credibility.

6. Your business goes through a difficult period.

When the company is going through a period of turbulence, the links between colleagues tend to strengthen. But it must not be confused with professional solidarity and friendship. It is events lone solder of individuals, but that does not attest to actual affinities. Once licensed, many people who considered themselves "friends" do not pursue the relationship outside the framework of the work. A friendship of circumstance, therefore, which is similar, neither more nor less, to a love of holidays! Ultimately, the goal is to be aware of the limits of friendship at work, to appreciate it when it exists, and to protect themselves in the event of slippage.

Date Of Update: 02 August 2019, 00:00

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