Good Friday 2021 : what measures due to the Covid on April 2 ?

"Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior"). ICHTHUS © Wikipedia Commons While the fish is now nearly as "rich" as the meat, the Church is no longer as strict as

Good Friday 2021 : what measures due to the Covid on April 2 ?
"Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior").

ICHTHUS © Wikipedia Commons

While the fish is now nearly as "rich" as the meat, the Church is no longer as strict as in the prohibited food. It recommends, however, replace this sacrifice by another (cigarette, alcohol, sweets, or other). It should be noted that the good Friday will be held during the period of Lent, a period of fasting 40 days in the catholic, that ends with Easter. More details below.

What is the attitude typical of the good Friday ? Already, many families (religious or not) do not eat meat on this day, in remembrance of the date a symbol of the crucifixion of Christ, in France and elsewhere. When protestants don't give set of penance food, the catholic encourage fasting. For the orthodox, not more, good Friday is not specifically a day of fasting. The consumption of fish is often honoured in the catholic good Friday (and Friday in general). And for good reason : eating fish, it is "eat lean." Some parishes should be their followers, to share meals even more frugal, type a bowl of rice accompanied by an apple.If the fast continues a priori (we are still in the period of Lent, which will end the next day), it may be accompanied or replaced by a variety of practices, such as good deeds. On the menu of many canteens of schools, catholic schools, it is customary to eat a simple bowl of rice in exchange of funds donated to a charity.

Why good Friday is not a holiday in France ?

Why in metropolitan France, the good Friday is a public holiday in Alsace and Moselle ? This exception dates back to 1871, with the annexation by the German Empire of the two French territories. The Germans had set in place via an order on the holiday of good Friday, the feast worked so far. When Alsace-Moselle was attached to France after 1918, the local law has been maintained.

If in France, the good Friday turns into a vacation in Alsace and Moselle, and in some DOM/TOM, where the common feature of the protestant church, or mixed (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and French Polynesia), this moveable feast is celebrated on separate dates by different christian Churches remains an official holiday in almost all the countries of christian tradition, protestant, (Germany, Finland, Canada, netherlands, Angola, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland)... The "Good Friday holiday" or leave for good Friday sign on the character of a public holiday on good Friday in many latitudes.

Why good Friday is a special date in Alsace ?

Why this event marks a special date in Alsace ? What anecdotes related to it ? In Alsace, the good Friday assumes a particular significance. On this day, devotees rush at the mass in the protestant churches. Even those who do not have much in the habit of putting the feet : they have been called "christians of the holy Friday". this year, 2021, no gathering will not be possible due to the outbreak of coronavirus, as noted in the "decree in the time of Covid-19", published by the Holy see . "The washing of the feet, which is already optional, is omitted. At the end of the mass of the Lord's Supper, one omits the procession, and the Holy Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacle " can we also read in the decree of the Congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments, reported by The Cross.

They act this way against the current of catholics who favour the date of Easter as the feast of obligation – because it represents the resurrection of Christ – and not the day-a symbol of the death of their Messiah. For the little story, the French historian Alfred Wahl said that in some villages with mixed Alsace, the peasants catholics were express to return the manure to the Friday before their fellow citizens endimanchés... when they made a run for their money by working voluntarily on 15 August, the day of the feast of the Assumption.

How is determined the date of good Friday ?
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