Happy new year 2019 : the pitfalls to avoid

You intend to escape? Then it will be necessary to abandon it and (re)go on leave... Otherwise, very little chance you would go spinning to the traditional stag

Happy new year 2019 : the pitfalls to avoid

You intend to escape? Then it will be necessary to abandon it and (re)go on leave... Otherwise, very little chance you would go spinning to the traditional stage of the wishes for this new year 2019! A tradition that is often the subject of criticism as it is redundant throughout the month of January. In business, the "good years, and good health and other" flower, sometimes with a kiss and/or hug. Le Figaro gives you some tips for cross serenely in the month of January by avoiding two extremes: do tons in making your vows... and snobant the other at the risk of going for a ill-mannered.

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• Be the shortest and authentic as possible. Since we are going to have to hear and say best wishes in the coming weeks, provided that the exercise is brief and authentic. As much as it looks like its author: if just a "Good year", neutral and impersonal, is not necessarily the best thing to do, it is necessary, however, to avoid the monologue, or "tunnel" of five minutes, watch in hand, with adjectives ampoulés and other sentence extenders that are rarely to the taste of the questioner, or of the public present in the surroundings...

• "My most sincere best wishes", "And especially health"... and other phrases cliché. exercise is essential and therefore it has its own set of language elements. At best, they sound a little hollow, and at worst, border on the ridiculous! Avoid these words and phrases is not a bad thing if you want to be audible. The more curious may, however, be interested in how to say "happy new year" in our French regions. Le Figaro and selected several regional languages that you may not know't: therefore, the marseillais say "Good the end of the year," and the breton "Bloavezh mat".

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• not be false token. greetings, a fortiori in the entreptrise, can also skid in the grand bal des hypocrites... An excellent opportunity to push the door of a superior, and to go talk to him about his holiday and his new year's eve. Caution: while the world does not appreciate the flattery, even if it is well coated. How to recognize a fake token which made his vows? Easy, it is one that, in normal times, you do not speak almost never. And, a few days after the 1st of January, behaves like your best friend!

• Banish a kiss on the cheek routine. In the case where kissing is the norm in business, the early days of 2019 are not going to change much in the routine. In contrast, for the other, it is possible to come across personalities that are systematically a kiss on the cheek as soon as they wish a happy new year: "Go, we kiss each other!" Curious custom! "With each new year it is the same, the boss made the rounds of the offices and made the kiss to the whole world, without exception, even the trainees, explained to the Figaro a consultant in a parisian agency, who prefers to remain anonymous. Kissing his collaborators even as it ignores their name is a little weird." Sobriety is not a bad idea either, including the "boss"!

• Do not snober openly the other. "Don't celebrate the new year there is nothing depressing", the headline read it is a little over a year, the magazine Psychologies . Whether you prefer to stay at home on the evening of the 31st to deprive you of your festivities, it's entirely up to you. On the other hand, you persist to not wish a happy new year to your loved ones and colleagues, and grumble when you are presented with a greeting is not recommended... If you have the option of "posing" your first few days of the year, you will likely be next to the large wave of wishes. Otherwise, it will take you there fold!

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