Heatwave 2020 : up to 42°C this Friday, what are the relevant departments ?

HEAT wave WAS 2020. It is a veritable heat wave that is sweeping over France on Friday 7th of August 2020. 45 departments are on orange alert heatwave. The ther

Heatwave 2020 : up to 42°C this Friday, what are the relevant departments ?

HEAT wave WAS 2020. It is a veritable heat wave that is sweeping over France on Friday 7th of August 2020. 45 departments are on orange alert heatwave. The thermometer should display up to 42°C.

Summary Forecasts Vigilance and alert heatwave Plan heatwave Recommendation heatwave Cool his house during a heat wave Heat wave : temperature records

[updated August 7, 2020 at 11h19] The afternoon promises to be suffocating ! This Friday, August 7, 2020, Météo-France place of orange alert heatwave 45 departments. 34 others are also on yellow alert. The heat spike is expected in the South-West to the pays-de-la-Loire. Qualified of "very intense", it will be extended by an "episode canicular sustainable" on the quasi-totality of the country in the coming days. Bad news : it will not be possible to count on the nights to find a bit of freshness.

a visit in a nursing home in Thiviers, Dordogne, this Friday morning, the minister of Health Olivier Veran has announced the establishment of a toll-free number on the heat wave. This is the 0800 06 66 66. It is accessible 24 hours on 24. The minister of Health recalled the right actions to take during a heatwave : "The rules, it is seeking freshness at any price. So, when you're at home, we close the shutters and windows in the middle of the day. We put curtains to prevent the heat of the sun, through the windows, cannot come to too much heat up the housing. Conversely, at night, when it starts to get a little cooler, it opens and, in particular, opens the windows to get air."

"It hydrates, water-based. I say that because, the alcohol, whatever it is, does not offer hydration. Sometimes it is the reverse. It can worsen the effect of heat on the body," said Olivier Véran. And to insist : "They drink water, regularly throughout the day, even when you do not have a thirst." The Health minister also took the opportunity of this speech to remind us that it is important to eat well, despite the heat. "When it gets very very hot, we all experience the fact that we have less hunger. However, eating, it is very important to get your strength back." Finally, Olivier Veran has called us all to avoid any strenuous activity and invited everyone to take care of frail people.

What is the weather forecast for the week-end in France ?

After a night hotter than the last, between Thursday and Friday, with a minimum increase, averaging 20°C, especially in the South-West and in Paris, Friday promises to be steamy. A net increase of maximum temperatures is observed this August 7. On the occasion of this day, which is according to Météo-France the hottest of the week, maximum temperatures will range between 37 and 40°C or 41°C and even 42°C locally, in the Countries of the Loire in the Poitou-Charentes and Aquitaine, as well as a large part of Occitania. Elsewhere, in other departments also placed in orange, the thermometer will show between 34 and 38°C, or 39°C locally.

at what temperature To expect Friday in each city ? If locally the temperature can widely exceed the forecast, Friday morning, Météo-France announces 37°C in Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Tours, Toulouse or Tarbes for Friday afternoon. 36°C are expected at Paris, Bourges and Alençon. At Auxerre, Vichy, Montélimar and Aurillac, the temperatures will climb up to 35°C. Finally, in Lyon, Amiens, and Reims, it will be 34°C.

The good news of the day is that the temperatures should go back down as soon as Saturday. Nevertheless, this phenomenon does not concern only the regions of the West and South-West. While in the beginning of the week, some experts felt that this new heatwave could be similar to that, a particularly violent, observed in August 2003, what is it really ? According to Météo-France, these alarmist predictions are to be put into perspective. The intensity of this heat wave promises to be "less than in 2019 and 2003," said Météo-France for its duration will also be "less than that of 2003".

be Vigilant and alert heatwave : when can we speak about a heat wave ?

Heat wave and heat wave are two things different. To speak of a heat wave, the temperatures should be higher than 5 degrees with respect to the normal of the season, the day, or night, and this for at least 3 days and 3 nights. The threshold temperature a balmy differs according to the departments and the regions. Episodes of extremely hot and dry have the more often place in France in July and August. It is necessary to be vigilant in the month of June. In 2019, the heat arrived earlier than expected, and France experienced a heat wave unprecedented at the end of June 2019. This episode has affected almost the whole of France with very high temperatures during the day, who do redescendaient not really the night. It is important to know that Météo-France provides for several levels of vigilance heatwave : level 1 (green) corresponds to a "standby seasonal", level 2 (yellow) to a "warning heat" and it is level 3 (orange) which corresponds to the "alert heatwave". Finally, the level 4 (red), the higher, determines the "optimal mobilization". During the heatwave of June 2019, Météo-France has placed in vigilance orange heat up to 78 departments, and 4 departments in vigilance red, a first in France for a phenomenon of a heat wave.

what is the plan heatwave in France ?

Since June 1, 2020, the national plan for heat is activated. The level 3 plan heat wave in particular allows you to put in place measures for vulnerable individuals, i.e. elderly people, people with a disease and pregnant women. A telephone call center (3975) thus makes it possible to contact people in a situation of fragility, which are pre-registered or whose status has been reported. For these people, rooms cooled too specific are also available between 14h and 18h. For all of the rooms updated are in free access in some local councils, to the same time slots. The ministry of Solidarity and Health has also set up a platform-wide telephone at your disposal. In warmer climes, you can join the 0 800 06 66 66 all days from 9h to 19h. The call is free from a fixed position. As a reminder, the plan heatwave 2019 level 3 had been activated in several French departments at the end of June but also in July 2019 by prefectures to respond to the strong heat.

What are the recommendations in case of a heat wave ?

During periods of hot weather, to cope with the severe heat, and avoid discomfort and dehydration, the government makes available to the public recommendations available on the website of the ministry of Health. For example, it is recommended to drink water regularly, without waiting to be thirsty and to avoid alcohol. It is also advisable to eat enough even though the appetite decreases in the case of heat, and focusing on fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. To refresh you, he should not hesitate to get wet in the body, the face and front arms. The ministry of Health also invites them to spend several hours in a cool place like the mall or the cinema and avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, but also not to make sport in the middle of the day. It is requested to all to be vigilant and stay attentive to the needs of the most fragile people. It is necessary to pay attention to when you bathe to avoid the risk of immersion syncope and drowning. During periods of hot weather, the risk of drowning, are important. The difference between the temperature of the body and the water can be very high in a time of strong heats and there is a risk of immersion syncope.

How cool his house during a heat wave ?

Before you invest in an air conditioner, a fan, or an air freshener, a few simple steps can already help you to reduce the heat in your home and to face the severe heat. Keeping the shutters closed during the day when it is hot and opening the windows only in the dark of the night, you will suffer less from the heat. If you do not have a shutter, you can take the blinds, knowing that the external blinds are more effective than those installed inside. Think, too, if you have the possibility to disconnect a maximum of electrical appliances (computer, television or hifi), they are a source of heat is not negligible, it is still easy to control. Avoid, of course, cooking in the oven during this period and limit the use of the electric cooker or vitro-ceramics that emit a lot of heat.
There are also a few simple tricks to put in place to cool a room, such as for example the bedroom for a better night's sleep. You can wet a large towel or sheets with ice water, and then extend it in front of the window. The evaporation of the water should lower the temperature of the room. If despite all your efforts, don't always not the current temperatures, please do not hesitate to invest in a fan. Even if he mashes, warm air, even warm, it gives a feeling of freshness non-negligible period of a heat wave. For a more fresh air, simply cover the instrument with a damp towel or placing a bottle of frozen water, just in front of it. If you really can't stand to be hot, then you can move to the higher gear by investing in an air freshener, or even in an air conditioner.

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Refresh your home : tips to know

Heat wave : back on the record-breaking temperatures in 2019

France has witnessed a summer of 2019 very warm with two heat waves at the counter. The records of maximum temperature were exceeded in a large part of France. According to the data of Météo-France, it is more than 50 towns and cities that record a new record since the July 25, 2019. At the end of June, for example, mercury has reached a peak and several cities had already surpassed their record of maximum temperature :

45,8 degrees have been recorded in Gallargues-le-Montueux in Montpellier, the thermometer showed 42.5 degrees which is 5 degrees higher than its former record of The thermometer has shown to 44.3 degrees in Carpentras
Updated Date: 07 August 2020, 06:57

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