How does the great debate on pensions ?

Emmanuel Macron launched in Rodez, in the Aveyron, the public consultation on the pensions, which should be spread until the end of the year. The government wan

How does the great debate on pensions ?

Emmanuel Macron launched in Rodez, in the Aveyron, the public consultation on the pensions, which should be spread until the end of the year. The government wants to defuse the fears around the reform plan: points system, end of special diet... All subjects explosives on which the public will be able to express themselves. The system borrows a lot to the Great debate, launched at the beginning of the year 2019 in order to calm the movement of the "yellow Vests".

field trips

Emmanuel Macron takes the form of the Great debate: that of public meetings where it will interchange with the French. The Elysée said that the president "take the time" to "freely exchange", reports The new yorker . During his first session, he faced 500 to citizens originating from Occitania, readers of the Midi Free and pre-registered.

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The Elysée palace does not exclude to repeat this type of meeting by the end of the consultation, and said they want a debate, "anchored in the territories", with travel in rural areas as a priority. More generally, a set of meetings will be organized similar to Great Debate. The agenda of these local events has not yet been clarified on the website dedicated to the consultation.

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A platform of online participation

Emmanuel Macron has also launched at its first public meeting on a platform for participation online: Initially expected at the end of the month of September, the launch had been postponed because of the death of former president Jacques Chirac.

This site allows citizens to participate by writing to the consultation until the end of the year. It is sequenced in several topics. The novelty of this platform is a "quiz" of five minutes, enough general. Like the platform of the Great debate in the beginning of the year 2019, it is also possible to write reviews free, provided they comment on one of the provisions in the bill. Finally, it is possible to "ask a question to Jean-Paul Delevoye", high-commissioner of pensions in charge of the reform with Agnès Buzyn.

This is a new time the start-up Cap Collective, specializing in the "civic tech" (technology policy), who built the site. She had already been charged for the platform of the Great debate.

This platform, with this URL, however, is not new: Cap Collective was performed last fall. The site had to already allow citizens to express their views on the pension reform in the upstream report Delevoye. Participants respond to questions such as "how to adapt pensions to new forms of work?", "how to strengthen confidence in our pension system?" or "what are the rights granted to spouses in case of death?". The platform was still relatively confidential, as it had received only 32 000 written contributions (compared to a million for the Great debate). In addition, she attached no physical encounters.

A text to be discussed by the Parliament current 2020

the extent to which these contributions will be taken into account in the bill? The meetings and the online platform will be available until the end of the calendar year. The compilation and the return of this debate will then be a key time. They should be facilitated by the absence, in its operative part, of the cahiers de doléances, which were present in the town halls during the Great debate. Their scan was only partially completed at the time of the restitution of the contributions by the Prime minister Édouard Philippe.

The way in which will be reviewed and taken into account the testimonies of the citizens during this debate has not been specified by the government, which must present the draft law to the Parliament-current 2020.

In parallel, discussions with the social partners

The government is based not only on the citizens ' consultation, but will also continue discussions with the social partners. "This draft law, we will not prepare it alone, but we'll do this by listening to the social partners, by listening to the French," explained and Édouard Philippe in early September. The meetings with the social partners will take place in a framework distinct from the "Great debate".

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