Paris Plages 2020 : sanitary, bathing at La Villette, plans

PARIS BEACHES - The Parisians can enjoy swimming at La Villette and idleness on the banks of the Seine until August 30, 2020. Program, schedules, activities, he

Paris Plages 2020 : sanitary, bathing at La Villette, plans

PARIS BEACHES - The Parisians can enjoy swimming at La Villette and idleness on the banks of the Seine until August 30, 2020. Program, schedules, activities, health conditions, know everything.

Summary Paris Plages and coronavirus Program of Bassin de La Villette Parks, Banks of the Seine Dates Schedule Plans Paris Beaches for the children to eat and drink ? The movement during the Paris Beaches

[updated on July 28, 2020 19: 40] With a sunny weather and summer temperatures, Parisians take advantage of Paris Plages and its swimming at the Bassin de la Villette, but also the mini-golf, beach volleyball, tai-chi... And for the less athletic, bowling, baby-foot or even bédéthèque are other activities made available free of charge. Children are of course welcome and all activities are accessible to them.

below you will Find all the information about swimming and the activities proposed on the Banks of the Seine, as well as plans for Paris Plages. Sun loungers are spaced less than a meter, the villages health, points of distribution, hydroalcoholic gel, what are the health rules in place ?

What are the health measures in Paris Beaches in the face of the coronavirus ?

because of the outbreak of coronavirus, the health measures are, of course, applied to prevent any spread. Two villages health welcome free those who wish to get tested for coronavirus by offering both serologic tests and PCR tests . in If wearing a mask is strongly recommended, the users found the hydroalcoholic gel free of charge, while distribution points are installed in the "info" points on the banks of the Seine and La Villette. In addition, the "health" also allow visitors to wash hands : four of them are available on the shores and three in the basin of the Villette.

What is the program of the Paris Beaches 2020 ?

Two major sites that are affected by Paris Plages : the Parks, Banks of the Seine (in the 1st, 4th and 7th districts of the capital) for sun loungers and recreation, but also the bassin de La Villette (in the 19th arrondissement of for swimming. Each year, a wide choice of sports (football, archery, street tennis, badmington, discgolf, but also rowing, sailing, kayak polo, stand up paddle, canoes) is practiced every day. The little ones also have the right to be surprised.

The mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has announced that for this edition 2020, 'all the conservators that we have asked to install on the edges of the basin to be able to catch up a bit of business" are open.

What are the activities at the bassin de La Villette ?

on the occasion of Paris Plages, it is possible to take a dip in the basin of The Villette. The latter accommodates a floating structure 100 meters long, divided into three basins, moored on the quai de Loire, which allows swimming in natural water in Paris. With a total surface of 1600 m2 and to different depths, the three basins have a capacity of 500 people at the same time. Swimming is supervised by lifeguards and with quality controls of water daily. Bungalows, showers and sanitary facilities are available to bathers.

The entrance to pools of different depths (one pool that is 40 centimeters, a bath of 1.20 m and a deep end of 2 metres) is free but with a capacity of 300 persons maximum... basins are open from 11 am to 20: 30 pm by rotations of 2 hours, from 11h to 13h , and then 13: 30 to 15: 30 , and then from 16h to 18h and finally from 18: 30 to 20: 30 pm , at 27 quai de la Loire in the 19th arrondissement of Paris , close to the bridge of the Moselle . We recommend that you download the application Flows to ensure the availability of schedules of reservoirs, their occupancy rate and their wait time in real time.

The basin of La Villette on the canal de l'ourcq. © Erez Lichtfeld/SIPA

on The side of animations of the basin of La Villette, they are focused around the sport with downhill zip line, kayaking, a football and a bowling green. For the little ones : kids club, Ludomouv' and libraries outside the walls, with loans from comics ! For adults are also organized art classes and energy initiations to the gestures which save. On the quay, 5 snack bars and two glaciers await visitors.

Paris Beaches on the side of the Park, Banks of the Seine

A small air of exoticism hovering over the capital thanks to Paris Beaches with multiple relaxing spaces on both sides of the side of the Seine river ! Holidaymakers can treat themselves to a long and beautiful walk on the road on the banks, shore side right side left bank. the right bank , voie Georges Pompidou, over 100 chairs, about fifty palm trees, misters, picnic tables, soda fountains, ice cream parlors, but also tournaments of table football, or petanque sessions, tai-chi, dance workshops and a free library... For children, toy libraries and giant games... All on the beaches of wood and grass. Side left bank , the Banks of the Seine stretching from the Port of Solferino and Invalid until the pont Alexandre III, with tens of sun loungers, picnic tables, soda fountains and ice cream parlours. The beach is open every day from 10h to 18h30.

What are the dates of Paris Plages 2020 ?

The event of the summer takes place until August 30, 2020 . When was the first edition of Paris Plages ? Remember, it was in 2002, the Mayor of Paris had had the crazy idea to transform the banks of the river Seine, the territory of the motorists, in a seaside resort. Under the cobblestones, Paris Plages, was born. 17 summers later, the event finally adopted by the Parisians, is the most anticipated of the summer, with each year, tens of thousands of people.

What are the hours of Paris Plages ?

The activities and the access road on the banks are open to the public every day from 10am to 18: 30. The space of the basin of La Villette is open all days from 11h to 20h30.

Plan of Paris Plages

Here are the two plans of Paris Plages 2020, one can view the various spots of the Park on the Banks of the Seine to the expanded scope, the other to be aware of the different activities offered at the Bassin de La Villette :

the plan of The park of the Banks of the Seine for Paris Plages 2020. © Screen Capture of the website of the Paris Beaches Plan of the Basin of La Villette in Paris Beaches 2020. © Screen Capture of the website of the Paris Beaches.

To view the plans in more great, click here for the Park or the Shores of the Seine and here to The Bassin de la Villette.

Paris Beaches for kids

As every year, the children are not forgotten in Paris Plages, on the contrary ! A kids club is available for 3-6 year olds at the bassin de La Villette as on the way to Pompidou. One of the three pools of bathing at La Villette is also designed for children ! The programme of the facilities in which to live great adventures such as huts suspended or mini-zip line. Finally, the children may decide to bask in the sun with a B. D. or introductions to the bike with the service P'tit Vélib'.

Bars, restaurants, beach bars in Paris Beaches

On the voie Georges-Pompidou, everything is planned to make a pause : restore points, glaciers and water fountains are placed all along the wharf. A space of parabrumes and basket misters is available to new Bridge, right bank. Bridge Mary, made a stop at the Mackerel, a bar of fish and seafood with your feet in the water. The basin of The Villette, two glaciers are installed on the Quai de Seine, the other on the Quai de Loire. On the Site of the Hotel de ville, you will find the fountain of sparkling water and a scooter gourmet Sandwiches in the Seine. All gourmet breaks to Paris Plages.

Circulation during the Paris Beaches

The circulation is cut off on the road on the banks to allow for the installation of Paris Plages. The voie Georges Pompidou is closed from the tunnel des Tuileries and up to the bridge of the Arsenal.

Date Of Update: 29 July 2020, 09:57

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