Solutions for all store in the house

the STORAGE - To save space and having an interior always well-organized, storage space became a priority. Maximize space, hide objects deco, integrate storage

Solutions for all store in the house

the STORAGE - To save space and having an interior always well-organized, storage space became a priority. Maximize space, hide objects deco, integrate storage furniture in every room... Find all our tips and tricks for a home is always tidy !

Summary A dressing room organized, clever Storage for kitchen An entrance optimized Storage for shoes saves space in the bathroom spaces under roof)

Having an interior in disorder can quickly undermine morale ! Here are a few tips to successfully organize and optimize the storage space in each room.

you Begin by sorting to keep only the necessary. Opt for furniture appropriate to each room. Do not forget the spaces lost (in the attic, under the stairs, above the doors...). Think about the objects and home accessories and clever. Mixer storage cabinets with classic and on-able. Storage space for a dressing room organized

Even if you make a sort of regular in your cabinets, it is not always easy to find in your clothes. The practical solutions are clever and are many to organize your wardrobe, your drawers and closets for clothing : dressing on the measurement, storage boxes, accessory for hanging ties and scarves, coat racks, clever, double closet, folding optimized, and accessories ingenious... Find all our ideas and tricks for dressing optimized and well-thought-out, for clothes always neatly put away.

practical options and decor for storing your clothes

Fashionista or not, the clothes take an important place in the house. To store them and organize them better, there are many practical solutions to adopt depending on your needs.

The walk in closets to store everything

Modular and functional, these features allow to optimize the storage of your clothes and accessories.

We redid her closet with our selection deco

The 21 commandments for a well organized his dressing room

These dressings that make you want to store

Of clever for the whole house

For the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom... There are a multitude of storage more malignant than the others to enable you to better organize, but also to have a house or apartment all the time tidy. Sometimes it is enough just ask a shelf in the right place for free the place or slipping out of the small storage areas everywhere where they cannot be seen to de-clutter. Clever and deco, we give you all our best ideas for storing anything !

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tips to allow you to store effectively

Storage and tips for back to serene

The cubes of storage of all their states

These areas of your home that should be optimized

Top of the small storage to slide everywhere

All hang in the home to optimize the storage

15 decoration ideas for storing your keys

A kitchen always tidy

A kitchen should be beautiful, but above all practical ! Often small, there is a lack of cupboards to store everything and the space to cook ! Sometimes it is necessary to be ingenious to store dishes and appliances without cluttering the work plan. Drawers for spices, half-shelves, closet corner shelf above the door, a cabinet for storing bottles... We give you all our decoration tips to better organize your kitchen, without leaving aside the style. The kitchen is before all a piece of life in which you must feel good !

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10 storage space clever in the kitchen

crockery Storage : how to organize

To ensure that your kitchen remains in daily practice, it must be well-organized. And in addition to the allowances, it will be necessary to store the dishes clever ways. Here are a few ideas to help you.

creative ideas for storing spices

The spices, and we collect them in the cupboards of the kitchen but how to store them artfully ? Here are some inspirational ideas to bring order to the condiments, in an original way.

15 tips on how to maximize storage in her fridge

How best to store their refrigerator in order to more easily find the food ? How to avoid a bad smell or the poor preservation of food ? Our advice.

good ideas for storing your wine bottles

in the kitchen or In your wine cellar, it is not always obvious to find the storage ideal to accommodate your grands crus, or your own little wine country. Here is the original facilities and practices to inspire you.

storage for an entry organized

your input is small, large or open on the living room, this is the first thing visible when you first return home. It is not a question to leave hanging coats, shoes and bags... It should of course think about the style, but also to the accessories and furniture to organize everything and hide it. There are many clever, but also decor to make your entrance both practical and pleasant thanks to the storage space optimized.

24 breaths deco to organize its entry

Coat rack wall mounted : how to fix it

entries well-organized

The best storage for shoes

Storing your shoes is not an easy task... We like to accumulate, but it takes up space and we do not know where the ranger ! To avoid that your entry or your room looks like a shoe store, here are a few techniques that are well thought out for storing your sneakers, shoes and boots, but also tips on how to choose the shoe cabinet that will integrate perfectly into your interior.

shoe Cabinet : how to choose the best, our ideas

there is Nothing like a pile of shoes in the closet or in the entrance to give an impression of disorder and clutter. The shoe cabinet is therefore an indispensable investment to an interior well organized and space optimized.

32 tips for storing your shoes

How to store her shoes ? DIY, objects diverted, boxes, furniture, PVC pipes... check out our 32 tips and ideas to maximize the storage of shoes.

cupboards to save space in the bathroom Read the article

How to choose a bathroom vanity

ideas space saving for the bathroom

Because the bathroom has to be functional, we have selected for you furniture and accessories to save space and optimize the space often of a small size.

products smart to build a small bathroom

Here is our selection of storage solutions and products clever to maximize space in a bathroom of limited size.

It is essential to choose with care the furniture of the bathroom in order to store all the necessary toiletries : towels, care, cosmetics and makeup, hair-dryer... Between the tub or the shower and the sink, there is often little room to organize everything and install new cabinets. Remember to install a cabinet under your sinks, putting up shelves in height and above your door to occupy different volumes available. Do not forget the accessories clever for storage in the shower or bath in order to always have at hand your shampoo and shower gel.

Ideas of layouts and storage spaces under slope

Our best ideas to organize the space under a staircase

It is not always easy to furnish and decorate the space under a staircase. Too narrow, difficult to access, it often leaves as is, so that it can be optimized. Here are our best ideas for landscaping corner forgotten.

21 design ideas for your attic

To use the m2 in your attic, do not hesitate to develop it in a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, or even kitchen... We prepared for you a selection of ideas of what is best done to fit under the roof.

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