The Figaro gives you appointment on 9 October for its 4th Big Bang Health

The Big Bang Health of Figaro has become one of its editions a must-attend event of the digital revolution. This fourth installment will be the opportunity to e

The Figaro gives you appointment on 9 October for its 4th Big Bang Health

The Big Bang Health of Figaro has become one of its editions a must-attend event of the digital revolution. This fourth installment will be the opportunity to explore four thematic areas, in the heart of the digital transformation of health care: the training of professionals, therapies, digital health data and foodtech.

How to train with medicine connected?

The eminent surgeon, and academic French, Guy Vallancien, a member of the national Academy of medicine will inaugurate the day. The early morning will be devoted to the training of health professionals in the digital era. Laurent Bigorgne, director of the Montaigne Institute, will analyse how the training is directly disrupted by the ubiquity of the digital. The discovery of this first theme will continue with a round table, where are expected of the stakeholders to "ground", that form each day the doctors connected to the future through digital tools. Cécile Monteil, a doctor in the emergency pediatric hospital Robert Debré, discuss with Joris Galland, head of the university clinic and the expert e-health Lionel Reichardt, which brings together some hundreds of thousands of people, and then the founder of Qare, Nicolas Wolikow, will the balance sheet of tele-consultation a year after its establishment.

The smartphone, the new stethoscope for doctors?

The second Big Bang will be dedicated to therapies digital, these applications that allow you to "tracker" the state of health of a patient and to advocate for optimal treatment. The smartphone is becoming the new stethoscope for doctors? It is one of the questions to which will answer Denise Silber, a graduate of Harvard and a pioneer in e-health. The president of the Arcep, Sébastien Soriano, consider that the 5G is going to change in the health. Four start-up companies will continue the exploration of these digital treatments through demonstrations of their own revolutionary applications. Bernard Fertil, former research director at the CNRS, will present his algorithm that detects melanomas. Laurent Nicolas, an engineer, a diabetic, will explain how he has managed to "techno treat" the diabetes, thanks to connected objects. Anca Petre, co-founder and director of cabinet operations consulting 23 consulting, will talk about the blockchain in the health. About as complex as it is fascinating.

How to deal with the flood of health data?

David Gruson, specialist emeritus, doctor of law, of health, will open the afternoon session by revealing the extent to which digital technology is going to revolutionize the hospital. That make medical data in which the flow giant is already rolling on the planet's health. How to control them? Who holds the legitimacy of the exploit? The big bang data will be introduced through a discussion that will give a free floor to three speakers, including the president of Microsoft France, Laurent Schlosser, and Jean-David Zeitoun, doctor of medicine and in clinical epidemiology. Thomas Buberl, ceo of Axa, will also be present to decipher how big data is fundamentally altering the activities of insurers and mutuals.

The in vitro meat to meet the challenge of feeding 10 billion people in 2050?

The last big bang of the day will open with a debate with tantalizing: the foodtech. Unknown there are still a few years, this concept of the "digital of the fork to the plate," reinvent our means of food consumption. Commissioned by the Elysée palace, Xavier Boidevézi, national secretary of the thematic network foodtech, will be at the heart of a round table at the sides of Christiane Lambert, the president of FNSEA, the figurehead of the farmers, and Matthew Vincent, the Digital Food Lab, an agency that specializes in foodtech. After having peeled the notion of foodtech, the stakeholders will discuss about the food, in vitro cultured in the laboratory. The food of tomorrow will come out of petri dishes? Artificial meat will respond to one of the great challenges of the century: feeding 10 billion people in 2050. Two start-ups, will reveal to the participants how they already work with the scientists to grow artificial food, or alternative.

This is the chef Thierry Marx, who closed this day. We will deliver on its vision of power in 2050. A big leap in the future that we should enjoy.

Big Bang Health, Maison de la chimie in Paris, on October 9, 2019, from 9h to 17h30

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