The State leaves it there to spend billions of euros of fraud to social security benefits ?

A "scandal" Condition, nothing less, according to the magistrate Charles Prats. A non-issue, for the social Security administration. Who is right? The first,

The State leaves it there to spend billions of euros of fraud to social security benefits ?

A "scandal" Condition, nothing less, according to the magistrate Charles Prats. A non-issue, for the social Security administration. Who is right? The first, a former member of the national Delegation for the fight against fraud, service related to Bercy, said in several media (Europe1, RMC) accounts of social security fraud allows individuals to claim social assistance of the different branches (health, old age, family) on a massive scale. An estimate of 14 billion euros is advanced, almost triple the deficit of social Security in 2017. The directorate of social Security (DSS) and the national Fund of old age insurance (Cnav) ensure that the risk is fully under control, and that a fraud on this scale is impossible. Yet, senator IDU-UC Nathalie Goulet, who was brought to the court at the parliamentary level, said face at one end of the non-receiving governments and majorities successive several years ago on the subject, and refers to "a state within a State", which prefers to remain silent on the case rather than admit his fault.

"Sesame, pay me"

How such a flaw would it be possible, according to the judge and the senator? For a beneficiary born outside of canada, the social security will assign a number manually, on the basis of identity documents of the country of birth. However, since a circular jack under the Jospin government, the photocopies are authorised to certify identity documents. A process control alleviated that would have resulted in many fraudulent registrations, giving access to an important part of the universe of social benefits in france. Accounts safely dubbed "Sesame", pay me" by Nathalie Goulet.

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But how much would they be exactly? In the 2011 report of the national Delegation to the fight against fraud, the police had worked on a sample of 2056 social issues, and identified 10.4% of the false (according to Charles Prats, 80% of fake documents, copied papers, algerians, moroccans, congolese and malians).By extrapolation, about 17.6 million of the accounts of French born abroad, the number of fraudulent filings will therefore be 1.8 million. This Friday, Charles Prats tells the Figaro has been provided to the Senate and to Nathalie Goulet evidence that the figure has been presented in the cabinet, at the time of the study.

From there, and in the case that all of these accounts are used actively a scam, the magistrate to advance a sum of 13 to 14 billion euros, taking the average of the annual expenditures of social security per account (about 7500 euros). A number that provides an order of magnitude: it could be widely overestimated, for example if the scammers were pulling the amounts low to avoid being spotted, or if the accounts were simply erroneous but without the will to scam the social aid. It could also be under-estimated: in February 2018, the FCA pursued a Algerian 49-year-old had touched inappropriately more than 32,000 euros for allocations in two and a half years (12.800 per year) in claiming to be in Iraq, reports The New Alsace . By the way, the man had been acquitted, the Strasbourg court considering that he had not been guilty of deception characterized because "the administration knew that there was uncertainty about its identity".

a Number of amendments refused

In 2011, the government of François Fillon and the majority UMP party had decided to move forward on the subject, in supporting the principle of a cessation of payments, upon the finding of a piece fraudulent in a folder of social security. However, the policy mix of 2012 had cancelled, no application decree has not been taken for the measurement. Since then, Nathalie Goulet has failed several times to reintroduce the same type of amendment, and called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry in November 2017, with no more success. The senator deplores the fact that the State has "absolutely no culture of evaluation" and indicated that it did not understand this desire to evade the question.

The administration argues that the accounts have all been controlled

But then, billions are they going off in the environment every year due to simple laxity of the administration of identity documents? Contacted by the Figaro , the law firm of Agnès Buzyn, minister of Health, we redirect first to the Directorate of social security (DSS). For the latter, the figures are "completely false", to start with the rate of document fraud: "eight years ago, there were maybe a topic relating to the non-traceability" of the documents used to establish accounts. But since then, "various levels of control including tools of the ministry of Internal affairs and communications with the consulates have been set up" to verify the authenticity of the documents of the French foreign born. About the stock identity fraud, the DSS points out that an audit on the foreign account took place and that "approximately 500,000 accounts at risk have been excluded". Despite repeated requests by Le Figaro , still waiting to recevoirles supporting documents. In 2016, only 2000 checks had taken place, according to the secretary of State Ségolène Neuville, then queried by Nathalie Goulet.

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For its part, the Cnav (Caisse nationale d'assurance old age) samples with rate of fault lowest recognized on the flow of new registrations (600.000 cases per year): 6,3% in 2011, 5.44% in 2013, 4.23 per cent in 2018. And most importantly, it does not pose the problem of the stock at risk in the same terms. The service does not consider it "fraud" to speak of the defects found in the documents: "identification of quality average or not satisfactory, identified as an abnormality, does not mean that there is a will to scam". Renaud Villard, director of the Fund, adds that"a number of Security does not open right in itself. For each benefit, there is a barrier to entry with other evidence". For him, if the figure of 1.8 million fraudulent accounts were accurate, "it would be just the time of the abuse. But there is no financial risk on the existence of a NIR (Number of registration in the directory, which is a means of dialogue between services." The manager concludes that "there are of course records of fraud, but absolutely not at the level described".

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the Last detail, the two administrations do not hold the same discourse on the authorization of photocopies: for the DSS, they are no longer permitted to create an account, to the Cnav, they are when the applicant is "physically present".

Not enough to dispel the doubts in the eyes of Nathalie Goulet: "either they have done the cleaning and it is so much better, or not, but in any case parliamentary control is absolutely necessary". Contacted by the Figaro , of the sources of parliamentary LaREM did not speak on the record. One of them points out that for the majority, the "non-recourse" to the social aid is as serious a problem as fraud, and ensures that a number of measures will soon improve the fight against diversion, including the exchange of information between administrations, as well as the payment unique social, which should be put in place next year, and that will require the intersection of fiscal and social files.

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