The presidential ads will leave the social partners dubious

Emmanuel Macron knew: its ads could not satisfy all the claims, and some claims will necessarily be disappointed. And it seems that this prediction has indeed m

The presidential ads will leave the social partners dubious

Emmanuel Macron knew: its ads could not satisfy all the claims, and some claims will necessarily be disappointed. And it seems that this prediction has indeed materialized: in a survey conducted for Le Figaro , RTL and LCI , 63% of the French have not found the service of the president of the Republic convincing. The citizens are not the only ones to show dubitative: in the aftermath of the press conference, and on the eve of first of may they promise spectacular, the service of the president of the Republic is considered with mistrust by the most representative workers ' organizations.

all In all, they camped on a posture mixed: they greet each other progress, such as the aid granted to the retirees or for the clarifications on the organisation of the public service, but worry at the same time, gaps - including, first and foremost, the ecology - and some of the decisions taken by the head of the State. A large number of them declares, therefore, expect a firm foothold in the retail ads, in order to be able to judge on piece.

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unsurprisingly, unions, so-called "revolutionaries" are the most vocal. In a press release published in the wake of the press conference, the CGT is taking measures "that are not up to the requirements" made by the opponents of the government for several months. The union considers that the conclusions presented by Emmanuel Macron "generate anger, indignation" and lead to new mobilizations of protest. The central of Montreuil regrets that the "employers" and the "more fortunate" are not more leveraged.

Mobilized for months against the policy of the government, the CGT considers that there remains a "huge chasm" between the expectations of the French, and the government response: referred to as "cosmetics," the executive announcements will not be sufficient, according to the union, which says its proposals, including the revaluation of the minimum wage (smic), a recovery policy, or the development of public services. The union therefore calls on the French to beat the pad on the 1st of may to "win the advanced to contribute to social progress".

the Same disappointment on the side of the Union independent, which represents companies with less than 20 employees: "the ads [...] does not meet the needs that have been expressed by the TPE during the great debate", the organisation wrote in a press release. Its secretary-general, Marc Sanchez, explains that professionals, and those affected by the injustice of the tax, have not the feeling of having received a response from the president of the Republic".

Several organizations in the expectation

For its part, the CFDT has been more measured: the union welcomes the changes made by the tenant of the Elysee, and endorses a number of ideas, such as investments in early childhood and education, the fight against some of the tax loopholes and tax evasion, or the measures to strengthen the purchasing power of retirees. The institution promises to participate actively in the transformation of the country "if the inflections of the speech of the president of the Republic confirmed". Interviewed on RTL, the general secretary of the union, Laurent Berger, has clarified his state of mind this Friday: "for me, it is neither ecstasy nor depression, this morning." The first French trade union expects therefore to see how the words of the tenant of the Elysée will be reflected in the facts, and it maintains its request that a "social conference" to be organized quickly by the executive.

so far, the CFDT warned the government and alert on the absence of measures "strong and compelling in the face of the climate emergency". In addition, Laurent Berger, has said that he is in profound disagreement with the head of the State on the question of identity and migration: "it is not necessary to frighten the people," he estimated, adding that the challenge of migration "was not on the same level as the environmental challenge". A concern that meets the concerns of the CGT who denounced the "speech foul-smelling" by the president of the Republic on immigration and national identity. Words that evoke, for the union, "a very dark period of our history."

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overall, several organizations share this mindfulness loving: the secretary-general of the national Union of autonomous trade unions (UNSA), Laurent Escure, shows himself as well satisfied with the clarifications on the legal duration of working time and the maintenance of the legal age of retirement. He adds, however, that the organisation will remain "vigilant and combative" in the negotiations to come.

The press conference has also generated a mixed impression of several management representatives. The secretary-general of the CPME, Jean-Eudes du Mesnil, regrets and the "silence of the president of the Republic on the simplification and standards", and is concerned more of the "removal of tax loopholes companies" announced by Emmanuel Macron to finance the tax cuts. "A very poor response to ras-le-bol fiscal" enterprises, which considers the representative, who acknowledges, however, the continuation of the exceptional bonus.

The Medef "sharing" the general diagnosis of the president and supported some of his answers, but stresses, however, the "questions" raised by several ads and which deserve a "clarification" soon. The organization is wind standing against the removal of tax loopholes that benefit the businesses to finance the taxes, a decision "totally unacceptable" that "is to raise taxes" without the admit. The trade association also maintains his call to push the retirement age to 64 years of age, in order to ensure the sustainability of the scheme. The Medef intends to participate in the forthcoming discussions around the implementation of the transformations, and is concerned about the financing of these measures, and while the government has not shown that it "will serious drop in public spending".

the announcements made by The president of the Republic are also received by the mayors: a representative organisation of cities, agglomerations and large cities, France urban welcomes the "new act of decentralization" mentioned by Emmanuel Macron. The president of the organization, the mayor (LR) of Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc, promises to take part in the reflection on this evolution to come, in order to "provide the right service at the right place."

For the head of the State, the challenge is now to convince the union representatives on the merits of its ads. While the first details of the implementation of the ads start to drop, the boss of Bercy, Bruno Le Maire, has explained that he would receive "as early as next week representatives of employers 'organisations" to discuss with them tax loopholes to remove to finance the tax cuts. In parallel, a government seminar, held from Monday, will have to specify the contours of the reforms and their implementation. In the meantime, the unions remain on the alert.

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