The servants want them also receive an exceptional bonus

They also want a premium. Several unions are asking that public servants and public officials are concerned by the exceptional bonus défiscalisée that companies

The servants want them also receive an exceptional bonus

They also want a premium. Several unions are asking that public servants and public officials are concerned by the exceptional bonus défiscalisée that companies will be able to pay their employees. "This exceptional bonus, défiscalisée and désocialisée, that explains to me why a paid official to 1200 or 1300 euros would not have the right to benefit from it", launched the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, Wednesday, on Radio Classique. "The State cannot, as an employer, do not do the things that he advocates in the companies of the private, (...) it is not possible," insisted Laurent Berger.

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And it is not the only one to claim that this premium is extended to the officials. The secretary general of the FSU, Bernadette Groison, asked Monday that the government would "revisit this decision" to exclude government officials. "There is a sense of injustice", said on RTL the number one of the FSU, the fifth trade union of the public service, but first in Education. Same claim, sent on Saturday by the secretary-general of the Unsa public Service (4th), Luke Farré, in a letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron.

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The improvement of the purchasing power of civil servants is also a long-standing request of the CGT and the FO, in particular via the increase of the value of the index point which is used in the calculation of the remuneration of the officers of the public service.

"Extremely complicated,"

last Monday, the secretary of State for the public Service Olivier Dussopt explained in the JDD that such claims could not be met. "The public service of the State for $ 2.2 million to agents. If the State were to implement immediately the premium of 1000 euros, it would therefore be necessary to find 2.5 billion euros. This is a result." In addition, "to envisage such a device for the 5.5 million public servants (...) is extremely complicated law," says the secretary of State.

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On the other hand, he recalls that the officials are not totally forgotten in the announcements of Emmanuel Macron. The latter "will benefit from the tax exemption of overtime" and "agents of the public service - and it is too obscure - are also eligible for the premium of activity," he says. In addition, the secretary of State submits a number of measures against the officials , such as the 'upgrading sector a number of occupations, such as those related to gerontology", "the compensation of the increase of the CSG, to certain officials," or the "revaluation of a number of benefits, including those related to travel with personal vehicle".

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Some officials touch it anyway

officials are not all excluded from the device. At Orange (ex-France Telecom), the staff, still under a civil servant status, should be granted an exceptional bonus of the end of the year. Last Friday, the CFE-CGC was worried about the fate of "more than 40% of the staff (...) even under the status of civil servant", while the device of the premium is only intended for employees of private law. On Monday, the executive of Orange has assured that "all employees" were "eligible". Two other public companies, the RATP and the SNCF, have announced that they will pay an exceptional bonus to their employees. On Wednesday, The Post has also decided to pay an exceptional bonus to 200,000 employees, up to a maximum of 300 euros.

Five unions received Friday morning at Bercy

Five public service organizations - the CGT, FSU, Solidaires (6th), FA-FP (7e) and CFE-CGC (8th) - were sent on Wednesday to the minister of the public Accounts Gérald Darmanin and his secretary of State Olivier Dussopt an e-mail emphasizing "social emergency" to "upgrade the salaries of all officers". These unions to "take note" of a rendezvous on Friday at Bercy. The organizations of public servants will be received at 9: 30am in the framework of an "information meeting on the implementation of the measures" announced on December 10, by Emmanuel Macron in response to the crisis of the "yellow vests", confirmed to AFP the entourage of Olivier Dussopt.

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Updated Date: 21 December 2018, 02:00

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