These figures relating to the economy in 2019

Brexit on the United Kingdom, a referendum on the constitution in Cuba, european elections, the beginning of the mandate of the president of the brazilian Jair

These figures relating to the economy in 2019

Brexit on the United Kingdom, a referendum on the constitution in Cuba, european elections, the beginning of the mandate of the president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, continuation of the talks between Beijing and Washington... Then that begins a new year that promises to be very busy, Le Figaro made the point on seven figures, which should make their mark on the economic news of the next few months.

● Michel Barnier

And if a Frenchman was the head of the european Commission? While the mandate of Jean-Claude Juncker will end in November 2019, Paris push, behind the scenes, to keep control over this strategic bulwark of the Union. Two names would come back in the discussions: Michel Barnier, on the one hand, and Christine Lagarde, of the other part. The first, chief negotiator for the Brexit, has managed to wrest an agreement has been reached to fly high with the United Kingdom and will remain at the centre of ongoing discussions with the United Kingdom before the release of the countries of the Union, in march. The second, president of the IMF, has a CV of reinforced concrete but denied, in September last, any european ambition. Response next year.


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● Mario Draghi

After eight years at the helm of the powerful european institution, the Italian Mario Draghi will leave office at the end of October 2019. While the Union is undergoing a major crisis, and that some members are questioning the common currency, the successor of Mario Draghi will take the reins of a solid institution, but challenged. Among the names circulating include, in particular, the current governor of the Bank of France, François Villeroy de Galhau.


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● Gita Gopinath

Named for Christine Lagarde, at the age of 46, the Indian becomes the first woman chief Economist of the IMF, a strategic position for the global economy. Born in Calcutta, Gita Gopinath has studied at the prestigious university of Princeton, presents a professional course impressive, which in particular led her to teach at Harvard and to work for the government of the indian state of Kerala. She began her new role in a sensitive context, the IMF has repeatedly expressed its concerns regarding the dynamism of the global economy in 2019.


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● Xi Jinping

Become even more powerful following the referendum of this year, the chinese president is engaged in a trade war without thank you with the White House, last year. While negotiations are ongoing, it is difficult to say if the relations between the two powers ceaseth next year. The discussions will continue from the beginning of the year. The challenge for Xi Jinping, who is defending the "dream chinese". The chinese president has promised to continue its "reforms," global, warning that the opening of the country "will go on increasing". "What matter how the international situation evolves, the confidence and determination of China in safeguarding its sovereignty and national security remain intact", he added, touting the "miracle" chinese.

Damir Sagolj/REUTERS

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● Jean-Paul Delevoye

On the ground for several months, the one who "believes in the collective intelligence of the French" is the figure of the future pension reform desired by Emmanuel Macron. The first tracks unveiled aroused the concern of the trade unions, and the government has finally decided to push this transformation potentially explosive in a more favourable - and less confrontational -in the second half of 2019. Remains to be seen if the field work of the High commissioner for the reform, with all stakeholders, will have convinced the French.


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● Elon Musk

The whimsical american entrepreneur hit the headlines several times this year. In 2019, several projects led by Elon Musk will be back on the front of the stage, whose Starship, the gigantic spacecraft of SpaceX, the "Loop", tunnel designed to limit congestion, to Los Angeles, or even Tesla, which recorded the best results of its history in the third quarter and will have to confirm his good health in the coming months. The next year will therefore be a vital year for Elon Musk, who will be required to confirm the viability of its many ideas, by waiting for the departure towards the stars...


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● Jerome Powell

A 65-year-old, the powerful boss of the central bank of the United States has become the bête noire of Donald Trump that he had appointed to this position last February. In recent weeks, the u.s. president is engaged in a conflict marked with the institution, stating for example that "the only problem with our economy is the FED": Donald Trump accuses, in particular, to the institution, its willingness to raise interest rates, a bad idea, according to him. For all that, at the present time, the White House swears that they do not wish to replace Jerome Powell. The conflict between the two men, therefore, should continue of the most beautiful in 2019.

Yuri Gripas/REUTERS
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