Trade war : China has no choice in the face of us pressure, launches Trump

The trade tensions between China and the United States are in the process of appeasement? This morning (Monday) on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Biarritz, t

Trade war : China has no choice in the face of us pressure, launches Trump

The trade tensions between China and the United States are in the process of appeasement? This morning (Monday) on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Biarritz, the us president, Donald Trump has announced that the United States had revisited their trade negotiations with China. "China has called the last night (...) She said, 'let's go back to the negotiating table', then we will return to it (...) I think we will find an agreement," he added. Since, it ensures that the negotiations had "never been so significant". "They want an agreement", has hammered the u.s. president, making the passage the praise of his chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

A little later, in the concluding conference of the G7, together with Emmanuel Macron, the u.s. president has also stated that China was "eager" to sign this agreement and that "the u.s. tariff cause him a lot of difficulties". "I do the formula, not as a threat, I don't think they have choice," he concluded. The american president has not ruled out a postponement of the tariffs on the chinese products and is even convinced that "everything is possible".

"return to the path of reason,"

On the subject, Emmanuel Macron has him worried about "uncertainties" and "tensions" caused by this trade war and said he is "keen to ensure that an agreement can be reached". "It needs to be balanced, we will ensure that it will be good for the whole of the globe", has launched the French president on the agreement that it wishes to see the birth as soon as possible.

For its part, China provided this morning to be ready to take new steps to protect its interests, in the case where the United States will implement additional duties. Reaffirming its opposition to the additional taxation of chinese products announced by Washington, the chinese foreign minister added that the two countries should solve their disputes through negotiation. A spokesman said he hoped that the United States back on the path of reason. China has not yet responded to this latest salvo of declarations.

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"We are ready to resolve calmly the problem through consultations and cooperation," also said the vice-prime minister Liu Et this morning, according to a report in the magazine Caixin. "We are resolutely opposed to the escalation of the trade war" that is good "neither to China nor to the United States, nor for the peoples of the world", added the vice-prime minister. Finally, he assured that China wanted "to welcome investors from around the world, including the United States, pledging that Beijing would continue to "create a good environment for investment, and to protect the intellectual property (...) and to oppose the blockades and technological protectionism".

as a reminder, the trade war between the two largest economies in the world has taken a turn even more vivid last Friday. China announced then that it would raise its tariffs on american products representing $ 75 billion in annual imports. Washington was immediately replicated by announcing an increase of 5% fee on $ 500 billion of chinese products imported. These increases are to come into force in September and then in December. At the same time, Donald Trump called it the american companies operating in China to repatriate their production. "We don't need China, and frankly, we are much better without it", attacked-he Twitter. An argument that Donald Trump seemed to have abandoned Sunday.

Trump is back on his idea of forcing u.s. companies to leave China

The american camp had also sent mixed signals Sunday. The White House had indicated that Donald Trump regretted not having raised even more this week of tariffs on chinese products. Speaking in an interview on Fox News Sunday, the secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said that Donald Trump and his chinese counterpart Xi Jinping were now "enemies" on trade issues, even if they had a good personal relationship also. "But on the financial issues and trade, we have become enemies. We do not make progress".

The trade war between the two largest economies of the world has not ceased to increase since the first measures taken by Donald Trump on the steel and aluminum in march, 2018, at the risk of heavy economic turbulence. This confrontation, war is a clash of technological centered around the chinese giant Huawei, world number two mobile phones. The administration Trump has intended to prohibit u.s. companies from providing equipment to this group that it suspects of spying potential for the benefit of Beijing. Washington denounces the huge bilateral surplus chinese and accused Beijing of forcing american companies to transfer technology, while looting the United States patent.

Date Of Update: 27 August 2019, 00:00

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