Who are these 2.3 million of the French who hold several jobs?

This is a trend in a work market in full transformation. More French have more professional activities, sometimes very different, by choice or necessity. While

Who are these 2.3 million of the French who hold several jobs?

This is a trend in a work market in full transformation. More French have more professional activities, sometimes very different, by choice or necessity. While the ministry of Labour called "pluriactive", these persons who have more professional activities in parallel, also respond to the name, less French "slasheurs". This term refers to the sign "/", a symbol of the separation between their various professional activities, including their LinkedIn profile, where you can find headings as iconoclastic as "seller of clothing/instructor of salsa". And according to a study by Opinion Way for Horoquartz, this trend could become a true standard in the years to come since approximately three employees in ten would be willing to perform two activities of employed persons in parallel.

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At 8am in the morning, Marc begins his work of a postman in a small town in the south of France. And then, on the stroke of noon, this milf comes home to design websites for various clients, before heading into the end of the day with his student, Julie, for teaching her the math. Just as Marc, Veronica, 60 years old, is a slasheuse: press officer, but also an interior decorator in his spare time, it combines its status as a autoentrepreneuse with his CDI to break the routine and increase its purchasing power. For Denis Pennel, managing director of the world Confederation for employment and author of the book Work, the thirst for freedom , "more and more French want to make their hobby a income generating activity" and the slasheurs the often become, by choice and not by constraint. "The digitization of work and the revolution of individualism" are the key factors that explain the rise of the phenomenon.

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If for the majority of slasheurs the financial constraint is not systematic, it is still present for a portion of the French. As Yvan, Francois went on to precarious contracts and juggling with her hats of driver and chauffeur VTC throughout the day. According to the estimates of Insee, more than 2.3 million of assets would be slasheurs in France, with nearly 80% of those who cumulate two or more jobs to part-time employees, while the remaining 20% is exercise an independent activity in addition to their salaried employment. However, other studies lead to higher figures than those of the Insee, in particular that of the Salon des micro-entrepreneurs, who were nearly 4.5 million pluriactive in France in 2017, with 70% claiming to be by choice. A difference which can be explained by "the number of employees who exercise an activity in a line on an independent platform, without having to declare it", says Denis Pennel in the Figaro.

disparities in generational and geographical

In france, more than one job are more present in the cities of 10,000 to 14,000 inhabitants, with 11% of employees in multi-employed, compared to 7% in large cities, according to a study by Opinion Way for Horoquartz. The phenomenon of multi-employment is also more prevalent among the under 30 years of age, with almost 12% of the assets that accumulate at least two professional activities. On the side of their thirties, the pluriactive represent only 10% of the generation, and the proportion fell three points for the age group 40 years and more. For Marielle, Beard, author of the book Profession Slasheur , the rise of the phenomenon among active youth portrayed especially a generation that is no longer found in the model of wage-French. "The holy Grail of the CDI is no longer what it was, and the studies tend to prove that the assets want to be able to change jobs more easily".

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in addition, 13% of employees of education and the world of health care are slasheurs. These employees are multi-employment are also very present, in the sectors of hotel, catering and personal services, where part-time contracts are common. The slasheurs represent 11% of assets in these sectors. Conversely, the phenomenon remains marginal in the sectors of banking, insurance, administration as well as that of the industry , where the slasheurs only make up 5% of assets.

pluriactive French face administrative difficulties

If the French context related to entrepreneurship has evolved significantly in recent years, with the implementation of several devices aiming to secure the status of entrepreneurs, the French pluriactive do not enjoy for the time being of a particular status. "The question of their status is essential, since slasheurs face and quite often to problems of administrative management," says Marielle Beard. For slasheurs, the multiplication of statuses and their profile called atypical may lead to several instabilities and administrative difficulties. These latter are often perceived by banks and other institutions of credits, such as clients at risk " and "social protection systems are struggling to follow," says Marielle Beard. "It no longer makes sense to oppose the CDI to other forms of work. It is necessary that French society's recognition of the complexity of the labour market in its entirety", thus concludes Dennis Pennel.

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