Yellow vests: retailers des Champs-Elysées say the humiliated

"They were throwing a bunch of objects. I went out to my shop to ask them to stop but they continued." The day after the act XVIII of "yellow vests", the st

Yellow vests: retailers des Champs-Elysées say the humiliated

"They were throwing a bunch of objects. I went out to my shop to ask them to stop but they continued." The day after the act XVIII of "yellow vests", the store manager, Repetto avenue des Champs-Élysées is found with a window to fully repair and tags to make them disappear. The repair will be made very soon, "before Saturday," quipped the shopping. "This is a humiliation, she says, we are abandoned". According to the evolution of the social climate of this week, she will decide if she needs to close shop on Saturday, to the detriment of its sales, already well begun by the movement.

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Same goes for the sports store Foot Locker. "Safety first: if you can close the Champs-Élysées, it is necessary to do so," says a store manager, stating that no instruction has yet been given. This Saturday already, the shop was obliged to drop his curtain at the end of the morning. "There have been intrusions, robberies, it became dangerous."

", Revolution, house founded in 1789," one can read tagged on the front of the store. Stone Zéau/LeFigaro

The store Zara located on the outskirts of the resort George V came out at least good account. If one refuses for the moment to comment, on the inside, the anger is palpable: the clothes were looted on Saturday, and the storefronts gave way to large wooden boards. Ditto with Tara Jarmon. The windows of the store, which is closed, are already in the process of repair. "Everything is broken, we don't know until when it will repair, but we want to reopen as quickly as possible," explains an employee in the process of overseeing the work.

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No doubt to the passer-by who would not have followed the news this weekend, on Saturday, march 16, act XVIII of the mobilization of the "yellow vests", marks the return of the violence. Levi's, Longchamp, the shop of the Paris-Saint-Germain, Apple, Nespresso, Hugo Boss... many stores have been heavily damaged. In all, 91 businesses were affected, of which 80% quite heavily, and half are closed on Monday.

"Where are the tourists?" Partly burned, the store of the Fouquet's features a large blue tarp. Stone Zéau/LeFigaro

the restaurant industry has also been hit this Saturday. The image of the Fouquet's, of course, which will host more clients for a few days. The mythical store red, half reduced to ashes, is covered with a massive blue tarp. The windows themselves have been replaced by large panels of black. To the outside as well as inside, it strives to provide all in-state, but the work is important. A server in the restaurant observes in silence, vexed. The re-opening date is for the moment unknown, only-t-he release.

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A little further down, on the side of the restaurant Léon de Bruxelles, the situation is the same. But it is not so much the store burned and the terrace is devastated that concern the staff that the decline in attendance. "There are more tourists, the terrace it is repaired, but not the days lost," noted an employee. This ensures that the situation is complicated for the restaurant over the Saturday, but did not defend the idea of a closure of Fields during the upcoming events. "If they close the avenue, we will have really more than a customer," he says.

At Ladurée, as in many of the shops, we prefer not to comment on the damage. However, one observation is enough: the windows shattered, broken, have been replaced by large boards. As a result, a part of the restaurant is closed, the other is plunged in a darkness unusual. In spite of everything, the place remains open.

significant losses of revenue

"I want that there is no trader, no craftsman is obliged to put the key under the door because of these movements in repetition", was launched this Monday by the minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. At the national level, not counting the last day, the damage related to the events of the "yellow vests" since the beginning of the movement amounted to 170 million euros, according to the French Federation of the insurance. By adding the act of 18, this figure rises to 200 million euros, said the minister of the Economy before the Senate on Tuesday. "The merchants and artisans must not be the victims of these violent repetition, and their shops should not close in a few days or a few weeks because they would have lost 30, 40 or 50% of their revenue," added Bruno Le Maire on Monday, during a journey in the Eure department. An emergency meeting with the professionals of the sectors concerned by the violence that is provided to her department in the afternoon.

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Close to the Fouquet's, the kiosk was burned to the ground. PZ/LeFigaro

No sector is spared. Thus, "all the newspaper sellers have seen their sales decline drastically," says his side Michèle Petterlin-Brigaut, which the booth has been completely ravaged by the flames. "It brings a kind of gloom, it discourages the tourists and even the people walking around. It is impacted since 17 weeks and it should close all the Saturday", she says.

At cinema Gaumont Champs-Elysées also, the revenue is in berne. "On Saturday, people will go elsewhere, there is even more underground in the past four months on Saturday, explains Stéphane, an employee. In fact, every Saturday, all access to the underground are closed in the area. The windows of the cinema were demolished and replaced by plywood, however, clients can still enter and exit through a side access, reassures Stéphane.

The main entrance of the cinema is closed. PZ/LeFigaro

As to a possible closure of the avenue, next Saturday, it shows a mixed picture. "If we close, we will no longer have a person, then that one is penalized... that being said, from a security point of view, it should be close. We are going to loose the number but anyway, it has already lost," he says with bitterness.

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