A great opportunity for Sara Couillard

The Yvon Michel Group (GYM) makes it a point to present at least one female fight during each of its galas.

A great opportunity for Sara Couillard

The Yvon Michel Group (GYM) makes it a point to present at least one female fight during each of its galas. With this in mind, the promoter is very pleased to offer Sara Couillard the opportunity to make her professional debut on Thursday at the Casino de Montréal.

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Already counting on Kim Clavel, Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire and Marie-Pier Houle in his stable, Michel revealed that he intends to add one more boxer soon. Couillard will therefore have a perfect opportunity to assert himself.

Feverish at the idea of ​​experiencing his baptism of fire with the professionals, Couillard believes that his boxing style is well suited to succeed at this level. Describing herself as a hyperactive girl, she has no intention of backing down from anyone. This is perhaps his weak point, in his eyes.

"I've been boxing for about eight years, and from my first fight, I wanted to go professional," she said during a media workout last week. I think I really have a style that goes more with professional boxing than amateur. I like to take my time, establish a strategy and gently break my opponent.

“I am a calm person, but very feisty, she described herself. I am not afraid of adversity; it is even almost a defect. I am very aggressive. What we have been bringing with my trainer for two years is nuance. We will see a Sara who can work inside, like a Sara who can box from a distance and place her jab well.

Against a champion... of kickboxing

This first professional challenge will take place against Flor Carrera (1-0-1) in bantamweight. The Mexican has mainly become known for her kickboxing fights. After watching her, Couillard expects nothing less than a war in the ring.

“We did our research. She is a kickboxing world champion, explained Couillard. So she has a lot of experience in professional fights. Two professional boxing fights. It advances, it is there for the war. She comes here to win this fight. I expect a very feisty person, who will never give up and who will keep moving forward.”

Volny too?

Sara Couillard is the spouse of Patrice Volny. Quite bluntly, promoter Yvon Michel said that this chance offered to Couillard also represents a gesture of goodwill towards his spouse, with whom he is currently in discussion.

Volny (16-1-0, 10 KOs), who has not stepped into the ring since his only career loss to Esquiva Falcao on November 20 in Las Vegas, has already participated in a few Group events Yvon Michel (GYM). This may well be the case again soon.

“Patrice is ranked worldwide and we are in discussion, revealed Michel recently. We might like to do something with Patrice, so it's fair game to have everything in the same direction.

Significant advantage

Couillard met Volny at a boxing event three years ago. The two pugilists quickly developed hooked atoms and they now live together. The rookie also believes that living with a spouse who practices the same sport is a significant asset.

"It makes things a lot easier," admitted Couillard. When he has fights, I understand what it's like to be in preparation for a fight, to have your mind only on his fight and to have to concentrate 100% on boxing. I understand what it's like to be on a diet too, I understand the stress that comes with training camp, preparation and a fight coming up."

“It is sure that on both sides, we understand each other very well. It helps a lot.”