A world of magical and fierce unicorns

By reaching the age of 13, each child gets closer to a common dream: that of riding their own unicorn!.

A world of magical and fierce unicorns

By reaching the age of 13, each child gets closer to a common dream: that of riding their own unicorn!

The children are sent to the island, to the gates of a unicorn egg hatchery. If a child hatches an egg, they are assigned a unicorn and they also become identified with one of the four elements. This year is when Skandar Smith will have his unicorn. At least, that's what he wants with all his heart...

The first part of a trilogy, Skandar and the Flight of the Unicorn is also the first novel by British author A.F. Steadman. We guess that she made her classes by devouring the novels of the Harry Potter saga! It is not for nothing that this literary adventure is presented, from the outset, as being that of a new hero of a magical universe, even a 2022 version of the wizard of Hogwarts.

However, despite these many similarities between the two magical universes, Skandar manages to make its own way...or its own flight into the hearts of readers!

By plunging their nose into this fantastic work, the reader must be prepared to change their vision of a unicorn forever. The unicorns of the Skandar universe are not cute and docile, like the famous white horse of the valiant knight of classic fairy tales. They are fierce, bloodthirsty, powerful and deadly.

Action, twists and magic

However, unicorns are linked, from their hatching, to their rider and their rider and they will do everything to protect this person. It's interesting to see the bond Skandar develops with his unicorn. As a reader, you quickly become attached to it.

Skandar and the Flight of the Unicorn is a story full of action and magic, where the themes of self-confidence, friendship and fulfillment are put forward, as well as family values. .. and surprising family secrets.

Harry Potter fans or not, many readers will be charmed and want to fly to this magical island!

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