Airtificial has entered the pharmaceutical sector through its new division specialized in the operational improvement of manufacturing in the health industry, Health Smart Tech, which represents a “new milestone” in its market diversification and expansion strategy. as the company highlighted this Monday in a statement.

Thus, the Spanish firm emphasizes that the arrival of Airtificial to the health sector “coincides with the signing of a first agreement for the optimization of a production chain.”

In this way, the company reaches a first agreement that allows it to launch the new division, Airtificial Health Smart Tech, which will meet the demands of a sector “that faces a large number of challenges following the significant increase in life expectancy, the growing demand of digital health technologies or the situation of drug shortages due to tensions in the supply chain,” he explained.

The new unit will use its own optimization technology platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), ‘Aitrace’, in addition to other advanced technologies, including artificial vision and digital twins, which allow intelligent optimization of the production chain. , as well as process automation that “significantly” improves efficiency and guarantees biosafety.

All in all, Airtificial continues “forward with its market and customer diversification strategy with its entry into the pharmaceutical sector in the face of strong demand for industrial production optimization projects,” he reported.

The CEO of Airtificial, Guillermo Fernández de Peñaranda, has highlighted that the company has the capabilities that make a difference in an industry “as demanding” as the pharmaceutical industry, especially through its ‘know-how’ and its capacity for innovation. .