Amancio Ortega buys a luxury apartment building in Dublin for more than 100 million

MADRID, 31 Mar.

Amancio Ortega buys a luxury apartment building in Dublin for more than 100 million


The founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega, through his investment arm Pontegadea, continues with his real estate investments and has acquired a building with 120 luxury apartments for rent in the South Dublin port area for more than 100 million euros, according to They have confirmed to Europa Press in sources familiar with the operation.

Specifically, the acquired building, called Opus, has 24 one-bedroom apartments, 74 two-bedroom apartments and 22 three-bedroom apartments, priced at 841,666 euros each.

Ortega buys said property from the Angelo Gordon fund, based in New York, and its local partners, Carysfort Capital, according to the Irish Times.

The closing of this operation in Dublin materializes after it was learned earlier this month that Ortega was negotiating to buy the old BBC headquarters in London for almost 90 million euros.

Ortega's latest purchase materialized at the end of 2022 in the United States with the acquisition of a luxury residential skyscraper in Seattle for 324 million dollars (about 305 million euros).

Specifically, the building acquired by the founder of Inditex, near the Amazon headquarters, was the Kiara tower, with 461 rental apartments.

Ortega thus strengthened his operations in Seattle, where he has already invested almost 1,500 million dollars (1,412 million euros).

Last October, the founder of Inditex also closed the purchase of a luxury apartment skyscraper in New York for close to 500 million dollars (505 million euros).

In 2022, it also bought an office building in Glasgow (Scotland) for 200 million pounds (about 237 million euros), as well as the iconic Royal Bank Plaza skyscraper in Toronto (Canada) for about 1,150 million Canadian dollars (plus of 874 million euros).

Other logistics assets in the United States are added to these assets: a platform occupied by the FedEx company in Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin for an amount of 35 million dollars (about 34 million euros) and a distribution center in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), for an amount of 148 million dollars (about 147 million euros).

The founder of Inditex invests part of the dividends he receives from the textile company in the real estate sector through his investment firm Pontegadea Inmobiliaria.

Ortega owns the largest Spanish real estate agency, focused on the purchase and management of large buildings, with a portfolio of real estate assets made up mainly of non-residential office buildings located in the centers of large cities in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and Asia. .