As if the world would change in 2023...

The year 2023 is just a week old today.

As if the world would change in 2023...

The year 2023 is just a week old today.

With hearts filled with hope, we exchanged wishes for health, happiness and prosperity.

The stage curtain has fallen on 2022, leaving our joys and sorrows behind, to welcome the new year with a beating heart.

Hope, always hope...

But where does this excessive hope for better days come from?

As if the world was going to change. So, 2023, as if by magic, would make us fall into enchantment?

As if, struck by grace, we were going to live in joy?

When this faith in suffering humanity does not blind us, we assume that 2023 could not be worse than the previous one.

How ? Is there anything new under the sun?

Our young year 2023 is rolling on the rails of the previous one.

The majority of people on the planet live under dictatorial regimes.

Our democracies are weakening in the face of the power of social networks that bombard us with truncated information and full of false propaganda.

We are swimming in an ocean of "alternative truths and facts".

Because Facebook and Twitter are not only used to share our photos of kittens, well-watered meals and holidays in the sun.

The Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg serve the soup to the powerful who manipulate us... Fearsome apostles.

It will take more than wishful thinking to lead us to the light.

Enough playing poopers!

I forbid us to lose hope.

Against all odds, let's aspire to a better world. Starting with ours in Quebec, courageously defending our language, our culture and the values ​​that are dear to us.

I offer you my best wishes for 2023.

Yesterday, Epiphany was celebrated according to a Christian tradition originating in the East.

We eat galette des Rois, hoping not to lose a crown by biting into the bean.

For 2023, let's hope for fewer little kings and more pancakes!