Austria: a weekend in beautiful Salzburg

Birthplace of Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time, and filming location of the famous musical “The Melody of Happiness”, Salzburg stands out on many levels.

Austria: a weekend in beautiful Salzburg

Birthplace of Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time, and filming location of the famous musical “The Melody of Happiness”, Salzburg stands out on many levels.

Not only is its old town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but this cultural capital can also boast of hosting one of the most prestigious festivals in the world, the Salzburg Festival, which combines opera, theater and classical music. . One thing is certain, you will enjoy discovering this baroque jewel surrounded by mountains, regardless of the season.

Here are our tips for making the most of a weekend exploring this beautiful Austrian city.

In addition to being the vibrant heart of the old town, Getreidegasse owes its fame to the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born January 27, 1756, at number 9. A stroll along this street, which is characterized by its signs in wrought iron, its pastel buildings and its pedestrian walkways, will inevitably immerse you in a romantic atmosphere.

This is also the perfect place to shop for some souvenirs such as the famous Mozartkugel, chocolate balls filled with pistachios, marzipan and pralines, as well as decorations and traditional clothing.

Birthplace of Mozart, Getreidegasse 9 (visit included with the SalzburgCard)

In the evening, locals and visitors alike gather at Bärenwirt, a Salzburg institution that has been in operation since 1663. It is in a warm atmosphere that you can savor the traditional schnitzel, the comforting dumpling soup and the delicious dish of sausages and sauerkraut.

Bärenwirt, Müllner Hauptstraße 8

This morning, ride Austria's oldest funicular to reach the top of Festungsberg Hill and Hohensalzburg Fortress, which has proudly overlooked the city since the 11th century. This emblem of Salzburg, which has played different roles over the centuries, is today one of the best preserved castles in Europe. The place is especially worth a visit for its unique panorama, but a visit to the fortress will also offer you a pleasant journey through time through the discovery of historical objects.

Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mönchsberg 34 (visit and funicular included with the SalzburgCard)

St. Rupert's Cathedral, the former residence of the prince-archbishops and St. Peter's Abbey form the historic heart of Salzburg that you can explore with just one ticket. From the state rooms to the Baroque-style cathedral where Mozart was baptized, via one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in Austria, a visit to the DomQuartier will keep you occupied (and fascinated) for a few hours.

DomQuartier, Residenzplatz 1/Domplatz 1a (visit included with the SalzburgCard)

Before crossing the Salzach River to reach the Neustadt (new town), recharge your batteries around a typical Austrian dish and a good beer. In summer, the terrace of the Gasthaus Hinterbrühl restaurant offers a lively atmosphere and a lovely view of the historic centre.

Gasthaus Hinterbrühl, Schanzlgasse 12

Built in 1606 for Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich of Raitenau, Mirabell Palace is unquestionably one of the most sumptuous buildings in Salzburg. While the halls of the palace now house the offices of the town hall, the gardens welcome you for an idyllic stroll with a view of the Altstadt (old town). Here, fans of 'The Sound of Music' can follow in the footsteps of Maria and the Von Trapp family as they marvel at the Pegasus Fountain and sing 'Do-re-mi' through the rose gardens.

Château Mirabell, Mirabellplatz 4

Impossible to set foot in Austria without tasting the famous Sachertorte of the Sacher Hotel. Although the original address is located in Vienna, you will find the same smooth taste of this chocolate and apricot jam cake, served with whipped cream, at the Salzburg café. The best thing about all of this? You can buy a mini version of this famous dessert and make the pleasure of returning home last!

Café Sacher, Schwarzstrasse 5-7

As the birthplace of one of Europe's greatest composers, Salzburg gives pride of place to classical music. Throughout the year, its churches, palaces and castles are the scene of a series of concerts. To thrill to the rhythm of Mozart's work, go to the Marble Hall of the Mirabell Palace or treat yourself to a dinner-concert at the Hohensalzburg Fortress. This musical evening will remain etched in your memory for a long time.

Concerts at Château Mirabell, Mirabellplatz 4

Concerts at Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mönchsberg 34

Since its opening in 1909, Café Bazar has been the favorite haunt of artists visiting the city. Do like actress Marlene Dietrich and director Max Reinhardt and enjoy your breakfast in the purest Austrian tradition.

Café Bazar, Schwarzstraße 3

After a short bus ride, reach Hellbrunn Castle, south of the city. Built for the Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus, this property once intended for pleasure and rest is mainly distinguished by its gardens which contain more than 200 animated water features. Through a guided tour, marvel at a series of mysterious caves and fountains.

Hellbrunn Palace and Water Games,, Fürstenweg 37 (visit included with the SalzburgCard)

Directly annexed to Hellbrunn Castle, at the foot of a rock wall, is the Salzburg Zoo which houses nearly 1,500 animals. Young and old alike will enjoy meeting species from all continents, from the African lion to the Alpine ibexes.

Salzburg Zoo, Hellbrunner Straße 60 (visit included with the SalzburgCard)

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