Belarra reveals that the Government negotiates a check to help the shopping basket of about 300 euros

Ask for a tax on large supermarkets, extend the gas cap of 40 euros and blame the PSOE for the fact that the animal law "hangs by a thread".

Belarra reveals that the Government negotiates a check to help the shopping basket of about 300 euros

Ask for a tax on large supermarkets, extend the gas cap of 40 euros and blame the PSOE for the fact that the animal law "hangs by a thread"


The leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has stated that her space is negotiating with the PSOE, within the extension of the decree on anti-crisis measures, for a help check of around 300 euros to alleviate the cost of the shopping cart, which will benefit about eight million people.

He has also expressed his "concern" with the attitude of the PSOE, which continues to "block" key space laws, as happened with the Trans Law, the housing law, the repeal of the "Gag" Law and in the current processing of the norm Animal Welfare, which "hangs by a thread" in Congress because of its partner's amendment to exclude hunting dogs.

During his speech at the state Citizen Council of Podemos, held this Saturday, Belarra explained that the government has to make "one of the key decisions" of the legislature, such as the extension of the "social shield" policies against the consequences of the Ukrainian war.

For the also Minister of Social Rights, it has been shown that the two main anti-crisis measures proposed by Podemos, the cap on gas and the reduction in public transport, have turned out to be a "resounding success".

"Public intervention in strategic sectors such as energy and transport works and we must insist. That is why we have proposed to the PSOE that we keep the gas cap at 40 euros for the next six months and also that we increase state financing for transport to 50% urban", has detailed.

But he has also remarked that it is "absolutely essential to intervene" in two of the main expenses of Spanish families: housing and the shopping basket. And along these lines, they demand that their partner freeze rental prices, as they did in the pandemic, making rents fall by 4.5% in Spain, together with the freezing of variable-rate mortgage installments that "are suffering hundreds of unaffordable increases euros per month".

He has also claimed the need to provide an "economic injection" to families to correct the rise in food prices and, consequently, has revealed that they are negotiating with the PSOE the deployment of an aid check for an amount of around 300 euros . Along with this, they also discussed the proposal to create an extraordinary tax on the profits of the large supermarkets so that "they pitch in at a difficult time for our people."

The general secretary of Podemos formally sent the PSOE with this new tribute, in line with the one deployed to banks and electricity companies, which would tax 33% of their profit margins and raised a range for said check between 250 and 500 euros for one year for households with income not exceeding 42,000 euros per year in a single payment.

Regarding the laws pending approval and promoted by her space, the minister has warned that the Animal Welfare regulations are at risk, that all she wants is to "protect" dogs from "abusers" and "criminals who hang greyhounds ".

Congress has called off the debate on the Animal Welfare Law that was to take place last Thursday within the Social Rights Commission, given the lack of agreement between the government partners on the exclusion or not in it of hunting dogs, to be held on Tuesday.

As explained to the media by the Secretary of State for the 2030 Agenda, the 'abode' Lilith Verstrynge, this revocation has occurred at the request of the PSOE, which has argued that "the law is at risk" because it does not have "the enough support."

"Unfortunately, the PSOE is siding with the abusers, with the people who beat, torture and mistreat dogs and animals, including hunting ones. They are on the side of the people who hang greyhounds or bury puppies in quicklime." Verstrynge declared.

This situation occurred one day after the government partners staged a new disagreement. The Animal Welfare Law was approved by the Council of Ministers and amended by the PSOE upon its arrival in Congress, to exclude hunting dogs from it.

United We Can, contrary to this measure, proposed an agreement to the Socialists to exclude these animals from the norm, but only during the "concrete action" of the hunting activity, an initiative that the main party in the Government rejected. In parallel, this Monday the Socialists agreed to an amendment with PP, PNV and Cs, on this matter.

However, this Tuesday, the Executive's partners finally reached an agreement, which included considering hunting dogs as pets so that they were equally protected as other animals. With this measure, these animals would also be governed by regional laws that would have to be approved by state law.

Hours after agreeing on this measure, the PSOE withdrew again and has defended its original amendment that completely excluded hunting dogs from the norm.

Belarra also demanded yesterday that the Housing Law be unblocked to deploy the rental regulation, in line with the measures undertaken by other European countries given that the bill has been frozen for months with its parliamentary processing.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, assumed last Tuesday that the approval of the Housing Law will not arrive before the end of the year, as the Government expected, and has trusted that it will be given 'light green' definitive in the Cortes Generales at the beginning of 2023.

Meanwhile, Congress plans to convene next week a meeting of the paper in charge of reforming the Citizen Security Law approved by the government of Mariano Rajoy, known as the 'gag law', as revealed by the PNV spokesman for the Interior, Mikel Legarda. that he sees "sufficient progress" in the "discreet" negotiations that have been taking place in recent months.