'Black Friday' will generate about 33,400 jobs, 17.3% less than in 2021, according to Randstad

MADRID, 2 Nov.

'Black Friday' will generate about 33,400 jobs, 17.3% less than in 2021, according to Randstad


The pre-Christmas campaign of 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber ​​Monday', which will be held on November 25 and 28, respectively, will generate around 33,380 jobs, a figure 17.3% lower than that of 2021, when the 40,000 contracts, according to calculations by human resources group Randstad.

The director of Randstad Research, Valentín Bote, has attributed this decrease in hiring to the rise in energy prices, inflation and the difficult international context.

To carry out its forecasts for 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber ​​Monday', Randstad has taken into account the trade and logistics and transport sectors, directly related to the increase in consumption during this period.

According to their estimates, 64% of the hiring for these pre-Christmas days (21,359 contracts) will take place in logistics, while 36% (12,020 contracts) will take place in commerce. In the first case, the jobs that will be generated will be 17.7% lower than in 2021, while in the case of trade the year-on-year decrease will be 16.6%.

"Although we expect contracting to be reduced this year due to the current scenario of uncertainty, these data are good news, since they will once again indicate the great state of form in the logistics sector, the consolidation of electronic commerce in our country and will mark the prelude to a Christmas campaign that could be very positive", highlighted the director of Randstad Research.

Almost half of the contracts to cover the demand for 'Black Friday' and 'Cyber ​​Monday' will be signed in Andalusia (6,070 contracts), Catalonia (5,430) and Madrid (4,650).

According to Randstad, all the autonomous communities will see a reduction in their contracting volume compared to last year. The greatest setbacks, over 20%, are expected for the Balearic Islands (-25%), Asturias (-21.7%) and the Canary Islands (-20.9%).

They are followed by Castilla y León (-19.7%), the Basque Country (-18.8%), Catalonia (-18%), the Valencian Community and Catalonia (-18% in both cases), Galicia and Cantabria (-17, 9% both regions) and Extremadura (-17.6%).

Andalusia (-16%), Aragón (-16.7%), Madrid (-16.9%), Navarra and Murcia (-14.1%), La Rioja (-11.8%) and Castilla-La Mancha (-11.4%).

According to Randstad, the logistics sector will be one of the main drivers of hiring both in the current 'Black Friday' campaign and in the Christmas holidays.

In fact, the profiles that logistics companies will demand the most to respond to the increase in consumption will be those of packers, forklift operators, warehouse porters and carriers, among others.

In addition, an increase in the need for professionals assigned to customer service is detected, both for online and telephone service.

Although it represents a lower volume, the commerce sector will also see increased hiring in this period, seeking, above all, profiles of clerks, promoters, hosts and commercials.

Given the prominence of electronic commerce in this campaign, Randstad points out that candidates will often have to have digital skills and knowledge of certain technological platforms specific to commerce or logistics.