Bruno Verdoni would like to return to Quebec

Originally from Montreal, actor Bruno Verdoni would like to shoot more often in Quebec.

Bruno Verdoni would like to return to Quebec

Originally from Montreal, actor Bruno Verdoni would like to shoot more often in Quebec. In Toronto for six years, the one who personifies the lobbyist William Taylor in the second season of the series La Faille even caresses the desire to return to Montreal and settle there with his family.

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Present in English Canada and the United States, we have been able to see him, in recent years, in episodic roles in the Quebec series All the truth, Mirador, The Gentleman 3, Mensonges, Les pays d'en haut, O , Patrick Sénécal presents and Nuit blanche.

Bruno Verdoni would like to be more present on Quebec TV, and other than through characters who have English or Italian accents. What he often played in Quebec.

“I would like to work even more in Montreal. I would like to get a big role and come back to settle there with my family, ”launched the actor who grew up in the Laurentians.

The actor, who starred with Jessica Chastain and Kevin Costner in the feature film Molly's Game and seen on TV in The X-Files, Millenium, Stargate SG-1, Smallville and The Expanse, said it was in Quebec that he had his finest filming experiences.

“In English Canada and the United States, everyone negotiates big trailers and wants to see their name written in big on the credits. I even fell into it a bit because that's how it is and people negotiate,” he remarked in an interview.

In Quebec, things work quite differently.

“Everyone has a small trailer and sometimes we don’t even have room to change. It's so unimportant. What is important is community and teamwork. In Quebec, you will have fun and do a good job at the same time. It's something you don't see consistently in English Canada and even in the United States," he said.

A great challenge

In La Faille 2, Bruno Verdoni plays the role of lobbyist William Taylor, ex-spouse of investigator Céline Trudeau (Isabel Richer) and father of Sophie Taylor (Maripier Morin). His challenge was to highlight the charming side of this character.

“That’s how he manages to have everything he wants. It was a fun challenge, because I played a lot of cops and bad guys. William Taylor is a bad guy, but with a good guy soul. It was a great challenge,” he explained.

The actor set up, with his wife Marianne Sawchuk, a small production company which bears the name of Valiant Heart Films. He made a first feature film called Heaven and Earth: A Ritual, which is set in 1880.

“I studied screenwriting and cinematography during my years in Los Angeles. I gave myself tools to be able to create on other levels. It’s important for me to be able to tell my own stories,” he explained.

An adventure that prompted him to get back to music. His short film was awarded two prizes for music at the Budapest Film Festival and the Cannes Short Film Festival.

“I studied music at university before branching out into theatre. I play bass, piano, and I sing,” he said.

The actor completed, last December, the filming of the film Sins of the Parents for the Lifetime Canada channel, in Toronto. It can also be seen in the series Classé secret, on AddikTV, which stars Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin and Patrick Labbé.

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