Brussels asks to keep Hungary's funds frozen as it considers the reforms insufficient


Brussels asks to keep Hungary's funds frozen as it considers the reforms insufficient


The European Commission has announced this Wednesday that it considers the progress of the Government of Viktor Orban insufficient in the reform package that is required of it to fight corruption and strengthen judicial independence in Hungary, for which reason it recommends keeping 7,500 million euros frozen in regional funds and also block the disbursement of the 5,800 million Hungarian anti-crisis fund while it does not meet the objectives set in the reforms.

In this way, Brussels links two parallel files that have strained relations with Budapest for two years when the EU recovery fund was created and a conditionality mechanism linked to the community budget was established to stop payments that are at risk of fraud in a Member State.

"The Commission considers that, even with the steps taken, there continues to be a continued risk for the European budget because the necessary corrective measures are of a structural or horizontal nature", indicates the evaluation of Brussels necessary for the ministers of Economy and Finance of the EU (Ecofin) take a final decision on freezing the 7,500 million euros of the Cohesion pillar.

In addition, the vice-president of the Community Executive responsible for the Economy, Valdis Dombrovskis, explained at a press conference in Brussels that the College of Commissioners has adopted a favorable opinion on the recovery plan for Hungary and recommended its approval by the Twenty-seven.

This go-ahead comes two years after the period opened for member states to present their national reform plans and which, in the case of Hungary, came to a standstill due to doubts about respect for the rule of law in the country .

Now, Brussels recommends approving the plan while Budapest has launched a series of reforms but makes it clear that any disbursement will be subject to the Hungarian government complying with 27 specific measures linked to corruption problems and the independence of the judiciary, which which in practice means keeping the 5,800 million of this fund also blocked.

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