The president of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Rodrigo Buenaventura, announced this Wednesday that the report on Grifols – a Catalan blood products company that has lost half of its stock market value so far this year after the attacks of the bearish firm Gotham City Research – could be known soon.

“We hope that very soon we will be able to conclude our analysis and, when we conclude it, we will report it in a timely manner,” he said after finishing his appearance at the IV Finance Observatory organized by ‘El Español’ and its portal ‘Invertia.

Likewise, asked if this period would be measured in weeks, the head of the stock market supervisor responded no. “I hope it’s less time,” he added.

These statements represent a temporary advance with respect to the last ones made in that sense on the same matter, since at the beginning of the month he limited himself to pointing out that Grifols’ analysis still had “weeks” left to conclude.

Likewise, Buenaventura indicated at the end of February that they had requested new clarifications and complementary information from the Catalan blood products company and that, therefore, they needed more time to conclude their investigation.

“We just received them a few days ago and we still need a few more weeks,” explained Buenaventura during the press conference held then in relation to the presentation of the public organization’s activity plan for this year.

Thus, since the bearish firm Gotham City Research published a report on January 9 in which it accused the Catalan company of cooking up its accounts, Grifols has lost close to half of its market capitalization.

Asked then about the analysis of Gotham’s behavior, he recalled that at first the CNMV stated that it would analyze whether the bearish fund complied with the requirements of the regulations on the dissemination of misleading information; However, this analysis, Buenaventura explained, depends on the first analysis of the information published by Grifols itself.

In this sense, Buenaventura indicated that the CNMV is in contact with its “North American counterparts”, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding information about Gotham City Research.