Business inquiries to relocate workers quintupled in four months, according to ManpowerGroup

MADRID, 8 Nov.

Business inquiries to relocate workers quintupled in four months, according to ManpowerGroup


Inquiries from companies about worker relocation processes have multiplied by five in the last four months in the face of economic uncertainty, according to Talent Solutions, a company belonging to ManpowerGroup that has been in charge of monitoring the effectiveness of these programs for more than 25 years.

This uncertainty, they point out from Talent Solutions, is leading companies to assess options so that, in the event of having to tackle a restructuring, they can offer a solution that boosts the employability of those affected. Since the labor reform of 2012, an external relocation plan is required for companies that present an employment regulation file (ERE) that affects more than 50 workers.

According to data from Talent Solutions, in the first half of 2022 the shortest relocation time in the last 25 years was achieved, as professionals found a new job in an average period of 3.9 months.

This "historic" result achieved in the first half of 2022, explains the company, represents an improvement of 65% on average with respect to those professionals who seek employment without the support of one of these programs.

Thus, according to Talent Solutions, with the support of these external relocation programs ('outplacement'), 38% of people have taken less than three months to find a new job; 72% less than six months; and 94%, less than a year. In addition, regarding the conditions of their relocation, 85% equal or improve their position, and 68% equal or improve their compensation with respect to their previous employment.

The increase in business consultations on relocations responds to a scenario conditioned by the price of energy, inflation and the war in Ukraine, among other factors.

The ManpowerGroup employment projection survey for the last quarter of 2022 reveals that in the banking, insurance and real estate sectors; building; primary production; other services, and other industries downsizing is expected.

The worst forecasts and the biggest falls are in the primary sector and in other services, which includes professional administration and consultancy activities, also highlighting the collapse of construction, which also plans to reduce personnel.

Talent Solutions stresses that outplacement programs help reduce the impact of these restructurings on employment and help boost the image of the companies that promote them. In fact, 90% of the companies recognized as best employers already include them in their value proposition for their professionals.

According to Orestes Wensell, commercial director of Talent Solutions, "at a time of uncertainty in which different industries are being particularly affected by the price of energy, inflation and, ultimately, a very complicated economic context, the numbers support the effectiveness of outplacement programs".