Calviño advances more "important investments" in Spain and will request the third payment of European funds

MADRID, 10 Nov.

Calviño advances more "important investments" in Spain and will request the third payment of European funds


The First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economic Affairs and for Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, stated this Thursday that there may be more announcements of "important investments" in Spain today after yesterday's confirmation that Volkswagen will continue with the construction of a battery gigafactory in the Valencian Community.

Calviño, in statements to RNE collected by Europa Press, did not want to give more details about these new investments, but he did highlight that both Volkswagen and those announced by Google and the shipping company Maersk would not be possible without the European funds associated with the Plan of Recovery.

Asked about a possible tightening of the Brussels criteria for the distribution of European funds, Calviño stated that "he does not know where this idea comes from", as the European Commission has been "very demanding from the start".

"And it cannot be otherwise, because we are talking about a very important volume of funds," Calviño stressed, adding that, until yesterday, when Italy received it, Spain was the first country to receive both first payments from European funds.

In this sense, he has advanced that "tomorrow or these days" Spain is going to ask Brussels for the third disbursement amounting to 6,000 million euros.

"These are quantities that have to be verified and controlled (...). From the first moment the demand has been maximum," insisted the vice president.

Regarding the demand that some countries are making to make the times for meeting the milestones of the Recovery Plan more flexible, Calviño has assured that there are many who want to extend these deadlines, since the investments of 2023 cannot have the same term as those of the previous exercises. .

In any case, the first vice-president has underlined that Spain is meeting the milestones committed to with Brussels in the Recovery Plan. "We are the most advanced country (with the Plan)," said Calviño, who explained that this is so because the Government understood "from the first moment" how important these funds were to accelerate the necessary transformation of Spain.