Calviño affirms that the social use of Sareb homes will not be conditioned to their being in stressed areas

MADRID, 17 Abr.

Calviño affirms that the social use of Sareb homes will not be conditioned to their being in stressed areas


The First Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, assured this Monday that the agreements with autonomous communities and town halls to make affordable rentals of Sareb homes available to vulnerable people will not be conditional on belong to "stressed areas" of prices.

Calviño, in statements to TVE collected by Europa Press, has stressed that the Government is reaching agreements with town halls and with autonomous communities to use the Sareb park, although he has indicated that this is highly concentrated in Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Andalusia.

"There is a part of the park that is not suitable for social housing, industrial land for example. That is why since last spring we have been identifying exactly what part of the park can be used for social housing and seeing how to articulate agreements with city councils and autonomous communities, also with NGOs and entities specialized in social accompaniment", he explained.

The vice president has assured that the Government wants to take advantage of 100% of the Sareb homes to recover the public money that was put into the so-called "bad bank" in 2012, giving the maximum social use to its assets.

"Since we took control of Sareb last spring, we have launched a new strategy to combine the financial interest of all Spaniards with the social interest," said Calviño, who has advanced that in the Council of Ministers of this Tuesday will present a report on that strategy.

The vice president explained that since last January actions have been launched by the Government to take advantage of the "bad bank" homes and prepare them for their possible use as social rental, as well as to mobilize the available land, not only for social housing, also for other social uses, such as hospitals and car parks.

Regarding when the 50,000 affordable rentals of Sareb homes announced yesterday by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, will reach vulnerable families, the Vice-President indicated that some homes in the Sareb park have already been made available and that as Agreements are reached with town halls and autonomous communities, more will be made.

However, Calviño recalled that the idea is also to facilitate other social uses of Sareb's assets. In this sense, he has explained as examples that agreements have been reached for the construction of a hospital in Tortosa or to launch the City of Justice in Mallorca.

"Day after day we are reaching agreements. An agreement is being negotiated with the Valencian Community and also a very important agreement with Catalonia so that we can reach full use of the land and finished homes, also those that are already inhabited, within from the Sareb park", concluded Calviño.