Last April, Chinese exports added a total value of 292,450 million dollars (272,131 million euros), a figure that represents an interannual advance of 1.5%, according to data published this Thursday by the General Administration of Customs of China.

On the other hand, imports from the Asian giant also grew, with an annual increase of 8.4%, up to 220.1 billion dollars (204.808 million euros).

Overall, China’s trade exchanges in the month of April reached 512,560 million dollars (476,949 million euros), 4.4% more than in April 2023.

Among the main trading partners of the Asian giant, Chinese exports to the EU fell by 3.6%, to 43,147 million dollars (40,149 million euros) and imports by 2.5%, to 23,987 million dollars (22,320 million of euros).

In the case of the United States, Chinese exports fell by 2.8% annually, to 41,819 million dollars (38,913 million euros), while imports increased 9.3%, to 14,584 million dollars (13,571 million euros). euros).

Trade relations between China and Russia in April showed a 13.6% drop in Chinese sales to its northern neighbor, up to 8,317 million dollars (7,739 million euros), while imports from Russia totaled 11,448 million dollars (10,653 million euros), 19.2% more.