Coach at “La Voix”: Corneille wants to give back

The career of Corneille, new coach at "La Voix", took off two decades ago.

Coach at “La Voix”: Corneille wants to give back

The career of Corneille, new coach at "La Voix", took off two decades ago. With his experience in the studio and on stage, the singer-songwriter who is particularly fond of "soul" and R

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Corneille will take his place next winter in one of the red armchairs of “La Voix”, alongside coaches Marc Dupré, Marjo and Mario Pelchat.

"Mentoring, transmission, sharing my experience, that's what excites me the most right now. And there is no better place than "La Voix" to do that," said Corneille in an interview with the QMI Agency.

Mentor of Garou at “The Voice” in France as well as within the team of Marc Dupré during the fifth season of “La Voix” in Quebec, Corneille intends to make a difference in the career of the members of his team.

“Along with my career, I want to help other artists. I had people who helped me and others who did the opposite, who didn't support me much. The industry has changed so much over the past 20 years, but there are things that don't change, that is, it's a job where you try to make your emotions something useful for the others. It's all about people and I would have liked to have a mentor, someone who isn't just on the "business" side of things. To have someone who has done and still does this job, who knows what it is to go on stage and show up night after night, who knows what it is to live with success and notoriety. Managing failure is easy, managing success is complicated.”

Put yourself at the “complete disposal” of your team

Having the impression of being on his X because he has always watched "La Voix", including the American version, Corneille wants to put himself at the "complete disposal" of his team.

“It is a competition, so I will do everything to ensure that my candidates advance and win. It's also a way to say thank you and to be grateful for the two decades spent in the public eye. It's giving back, but it's also very selfish, because I like "The Voice" and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun."

He is particularly looking forward to blind auditions. “The candidates that I want to see in my team, that I will be able to support really well, fit, like me, into the soul, the R

Corneille will be on “La belle tour” this Monday, on TVA, for the episode dedicated to Montreal and which was shot at the top of Mount Royal.

"We had a lot of fun, the view of Montreal was superb, but it was cold and it started to rain more," said Corneille.

“Montreal is the mother city of the artist that I am. My music is very Montreal, it's a very cosmopolitan music, which is made up of everything Montreal is and was when I arrived in the metropolis in the midst of festivals, in 1997.

The singer-songwriter shares Guy Jodoin's set with Cœur de Pirate, Patsy Gallant and François Pérusse. Iouri Philippe-Paillé and Serge Denoncourt participate in the “Tire-toi une bûche” capsule while Léane Labrèche-D’or tells the story of public transport and the metro in Montreal.

Corneille notably sings "Nouveau monde", taken from his most recent album, "Encre rose", and he pushes the note in the company of Cœur de Pirate and Patsy Gallant.

The show “La belle tour” is presented every Monday at 8 p.m. on TVA.

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