Commit to promoting healthy leadership

Dear members of Hockey Quebec.

Commit to promoting healthy leadership

Dear members of Hockey Quebec.

To wrap up our Restoring Our Hockey week, I wanted to say a few words to you about the importance of leadership in our sport.

A school of life, hockey teaches us fundamental values ​​and lessons that bring us together and make us grow individually and collectively. Leadership, discipline, self-transcendence, self-esteem and the ability to be a good teammate are just a few examples of assets that shape our leaders of tomorrow. For a majority of Quebecers, hockey has had a positive impact on our lives.

Over the past few months and especially during the past week, we have been keen to share with you several initiatives with the aim of raising awareness and raising awareness in the community of the values ​​of hockey, including those of inclusion and respect. Given the importance of these issues, we are therefore committed to maintaining efforts to Restore our hockey.

Culture change

We talk a lot about culture change. However, it must come from each one of us. It is therefore important to remember that we must prioritize the game above all else and that we all have a responsibility as players, coaches, parents, officials, organizers to promote healthy leadership.

As part of the hockey community, leadership is a fundamental value of our sport that every player wants to develop. A leader is someone who is able to guide, influence and inspire. For me, a good leader intervenes in more difficult situations and ensures the well-being of others. He displays a sense of responsibility and fairness to all. He brings his peers together, instead of dividing them. He sets goals and brings out the best in everyone. This is why each of us must be a guardian of the values ​​of our national sport.

Everyone must do their part to change mentalities so that young people have the best possible experience in hockey.

Together, let's commit to Restoring Our Hockey. Let's make a difference!

Jocelyn Thibault, general manager of Hockey Québec, father of three hockey players and former NHL goalkeeper, living in the Estrie region

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