Criticize Maripier without stoning her...

I hate to say: "I told you so", but today I have no choice but to write: "I told you so".

Criticize Maripier without stoning her...

I hate to say: "I told you so", but today I have no choice but to write: "I told you so".

Yes, the small artistic and media environment is incapable of judging the role of Maripier Morin in Arlette according to objective criteria and falls into moral judgment.


On June 13, in my column entitled Maripier Morin and the lion's den, I wrote: "When the film, directed by Mariloup Wolfe, from a screenplay by Marie Vien, opens on August 5, I hope that the small cultural milieu will have the decency to evaluate Maripier Morin's on-screen performance according to... his on-screen performance. “Ha ha ha! In La Presse, the film critic split a film criticism that had nothing to do with cinema, but everything to do with the demonization of Maripier Morin.

Half of his "criticism" is a trial of intent against Mariloup Wolfe who dared to hire such a controversial actress and the controversial actress who accepted the role. What a detestable little priest!

In my column on the lion's den, I also wrote: "Do you think that the little friends in the community, who signaled their virtue when Maripier Morin was the target of devastating allegations and reports, will put aside their “biases” and “unconscious biases” and demonstrate “inclusion” and “fairness”? »

The columnist of La Presse seriously dared to ask the question: “Is it too early for the rehabilitation of Maripier Morin? »

But who judges that, what are the deadlines prescribed by good morals?

Bizarrely, in the same media, 24 hours later, we were presented with a rave report on a community organizer who “reaches out to gangsters”, young fraudsters and drug traffickers from northeast Montreal who have served time in prison. .

“They need help, support. I know it's hard to hear because they're shooting at each other, but as a society, we have to get closer to them rather than exclude them, ”explained the community organizer.

An actress who admitted to being an alcoholic and drug addict and being in therapy is told: "Yeah, maybe it's too soon to see you again."

But criminals who have served prison sentences are reaching out.

Find the mistake.

Well, after all that, you will surely ask me what I thought of the film?

If we take it as a big fable, with archetypal characters, exaggerations and caricatures, we can appreciate.

I often felt like I was watching a Tale for All about the ugly world of politicians, with the mean Minister of Finance and the nice Minister of Culture.

Let's say that after seeing series like House of Cards or Borgen, which have brilliantly explored the Machiavellianism of politics, Arlette does not have the same depth.


And Maripier Morin? It is neither very good nor very bad. It is correct, nothing more.

The only time she touched me was in a scene where she cries saying, about politics: "I didn't think it was going to be this hard".

In my chair, I thought that during the filming, Morin must have said to himself that this line also applied to the cultural milieu.

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