Discover your immunotype and gain vitality

Each individual is unique and each immune system is just as unique.

Discover your immunotype and gain vitality

Each individual is unique and each immune system is just as unique. This is explained by the author, Dr. Heather Moday, in her book which offers a new method to determine your personal immunotype in order to optimize your health and gain vitality.

We have all seen during the pandemic that each person reacts differently to the COVID-19 virus. Some had very severe symptoms, requiring hospitalization, while others got away with very little consequence, regardless of age. The reason ? The immune system is different from person to person.

No need to blame fate, we can all, to different degrees, improve our immune system in order to be less vulnerable to diseases and all types of viruses, provided we know our own needs and weaknesses. .

Dr. Heather Moday tries in her practice to help her patients reverse certain chronic diseases.

"For many reasons, the year 2020 will remain unforgettable," writes the American author, who is an immunologist. "Before COVID-19, we probably didn't think about our immune system except to think that it helped us cure colds and got us back to work faster. »

Today, more than ever, we care about our immune system, and that's great news, according to Dr. Moday, since it is an indicator of good or bad health.

Four immunotypes

In her book, the author reveals that there are four immunotypes. It also offers a quiz of around fifty questions to determine which immunotype we belong to. These are our lifestyle habits, such as whether we smoke, get enough sleep, take medication, are overweight, and have health problems like diabetes. , allergies, eczema, joint pain, among others, which will determine the immunotype to which one belongs, either: latent, aberrant, hyperactive or weakened. Solutions are offered for each type to achieve immune restoration.

Several tips

Among the good advice given to everyone, regardless of the category to which they belong, is the sufficient quantity of hours of sleep. If some are tempted to cut the hours of sleep to save time, you should know that lack of sleep affects memory, prematurely ages the brain, affects our weight, our mood, our intestinal health, in addition to having negatively affects stress hormones. Moving is as essential as eating well to improve our immune system.

It is also interesting to learn that chemicals sabotage the immune system by directly damaging immune cells. Unfortunately, these harmful substances are numerous, believes the author. Exposure to smoke and pollution is certainly harmful, but we also find these substances in what we eat and in various products, such as shampoos, cosmetics as commonplace as nail polish, or coatings. PVC flooring, not to mention mercury, lead and pesticides.

In short, by reading this book very rich in information, we see that times have changed, the products that we also use, and certain diseases have followed suit.

In the United States, for example, there have never been so many people with type 2 diabetes. More than 34.5 million Americans have it. As for Alzheimer's disease, it affects nearly six million Americans, and this number is expected to increase to 15 million in the coming years. Added to this are the ever-increasing problems of obesity, anxiety and depression. Something to think about and take charge of your health.