Dr. Mobilo Aquafest: an anniversary that had to wait

In 2020, the Dr.

Dr. Mobilo Aquafest: an anniversary that had to wait

In 2020, the Dr. Mobilo Aquafest comedy festival team had planned a major edition for its fifth anniversary. Two-week event, dozens of shows. It must have been nice and big. Then came the pandemic... Two years later, the event is finally back with a fifth edition, a little smaller than expected.

After playing musical chairs for two years, the Mobilo team decided to dive in and go ahead with a festival this year. Taking place a month later than planned, the event will present a mixture of galas and solo shows with sometimes colorful concepts.

“We try to show talents that we consider original and unique, says comedian Guillaume Wagner, president of Mobilo. This year, we tried to seek out different audiences, but who can all be related. »

Even if it has a main connotation of humor, Dr. Mobilo Aquafest also presents some musical artists on each of its galas, such as Elliot Maginot, Lydia Képinski and Lou-Adriane Cassidy.

“We are the only ones to mix music and humour, says Guillaume Wagner. However, there is a kinship in these two audiences and I find that there is never a meeting that takes place. »

Le Journal asked Guillaume Wagner to comment on five shows presented at the festival this year.

The Passe-Partout of Pic-Bois

“Every year, we leave them completely free. They came to me with this idea and I said yes. I haven't seen their show yet, but I trust them 100%. »

Charles Brunet – Gilles

“He really has talent, the kid. He's in the new wave that's going to rock everything. He is in his early twenties. »

Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques – Kate

"It's the show he's already doing in break-in, but I think he's going to add some exclusive stuff through it. He changed the title of the show a few times. »

Tranna Wintour Gala

"It's probably the most queer show we've done [in the history of Mobilo]. We even have Patsy Gallant. It is something to negotiate with her, because she does not have a manager. It is magic ! »

Catherine Éthier – The right to be applauded

"It's a phenomenon! As soon as we scheduled her, she was outselling everyone. She doesn't want to tour at the moment, but as soon as she does, it's going to work very, very strong. »