Drainville: politics is a hard drug

Bernard Drainville will run for the CAQ in the next election.

Drainville: politics is a hard drug

Bernard Drainville will run for the CAQ in the next election.

It was predictable. Bernard Drainville was still inhabited by the demon of politics. We knew he would come back. It was also obvious that he recognized himself more today in the CAQ than in the PQ.

At the same time, it's a thunderclap.


Because the CAQ, officially, is a coalition. But the federalist elements, until quite recently, dominated the nationalist elements.

The arrival of Bernard Drainville, the father of the Charter of Values, who embodies identity nationalism better than anyone, reinforces the blue wing of the CAQ. By his personality, by his career, by his ideas, he will weigh heavily in the government. From now on, the CAQ is a real coalition.

A question arises: when he announces himself officially, and when he is asked if he is still a separatist, what will he answer? If he says yes, we will understand that the CAQ now officially accepts convinced separatists into its ranks.

If he says no, we will know that he is making the necessary genuflections before carrying out a policy in his ranks in accordance with his convictions.

Because who can believe for a single moment that Bernard Drainville has stopped believing that Quebec should become an independent state?

The CAQ probably thinks it is killing the PQ with this rallying, but in fact, it is rather reviving the independence movement in its ranks. She brings it back to life outside the margins. It gives him a political incarnation in his ranks, which, when the crisis comes, will be able to weigh directly on the future of Quebec.


Because even if the CAQ says it believes in the autonomy of Quebec in Canada, in fact, the Canadian regime will soon explain to the autonomists that it is an illusory autonomy. A Canada-Quebec crisis is brewing.

It remains to be seen who will benefit from it at the CAQ: the federalists or the nationalists.

Whether the coalition will hold remains to be seen.