Drainville prefers a limo to its principles

It's crazy how chance can sometimes be ironic.

Drainville prefers a limo to its principles

It's crazy how chance can sometimes be ironic...

The very day François Legault feels compelled to make (another) profession of federalist faith to silence the rumors that he is a masked sovereignist, who joins his team?

Bernard Drainville !

The guy who wanted to be leader of the PQ!

Admit it's delicious...

You say you renounce Satan, while getting engaged to Beelzebub...


I spoke with Dominique Anglade yesterday at QUB radio.

She was jubilant.

The leader of the PLQ will finally be able to pull out her party's favorite catchphrase, which had been stored in a cedar chest the day the PQ entered intensive care (which he left yesterday for palliative care):

“Above all, do not vote for them, they are separatissssses! The proof: after Caroline St-Hilaire, they went to find Drainville! Be Afraid! Be very Afraid! They are back ! »

The question everyone is asking is simple...

Or François Legault is less federalist than he says.

Or Bernard Drainville is less sovereigntist than he suggested.

Personally, I lean towards the second answer.

Between the principles and the limousine, the strong man of the charter of values ​​has chosen the limousine.

And even more: the title of dolphin!

Who knows ? This is perhaps what the title of the show he hosted for 98.5 meant: Drainville PM.

Not for “afternoon”, but for “Prime Minister”.

Why settle for the role of minister when you can be caliph instead of the caliph, like the vizier Iznogoud?

Well worth the million dollars that 98.5 offered him to animate for another three years!


Which brings us to the second question: how long has the star host of 98.5 (who was paid to comment on political news) been “discussing” with the CAQ?

How long has he been using his role as future minister to flatter Legault in the direction of the hair on the air, and his role as a journalist to seek information from his future political opponents?

The question is valid.

I wonder how Paul St-Pierre Plamondon reacted when he heard the news of Bernard Drainville's "federalist conversion"...

As my girlfriend used to say: the sovereignist Titanic is sinking, and instead of lending a hand to his former comrades who are in water up to their chins, Bernard Drainville has called a helicopter to come get him!

With such friends...


“Yes, but he will seek new powers in Ottawa! »

Uh... Really? Do you believe that?

And how will Mr. Drainville wrest these new powers from Ottawa?

He participated in killing the party that allowed him not to arrive there empty-handed!

Drainville has put the last nail in the coffin of the ONLY party capable of giving it some leverage against the federal government!

Do you think Ottawa will be afraid to say NO to Quebec, now that the sovereignist threat has been buried... by one of the tenors of the ONLY sovereignist party?