Five years later: “Léo” back for a fourth season on Club illico

Léo has come a long way since the start of the comedy that bears his name on Club illico.

Five years later: “Léo” back for a fourth season on Club illico

Léo has come a long way since the start of the comedy that bears his name on Club illico. Initially, the man was looking for himself and had no job. Even fewer goals. He is now married, a father and an entrepreneur. Like what it is never too late to succeed in life.

In the fourth season, which lands on the platform this Thursday, five years have passed, which allows us to attend the entry into kindergarten of little Paul (Alexi Robidoux), the son of Léo (Fabien Cloutier) and Cindy (Marie-Laurence Moreau). It is not an easy step for the child, especially since Ms. Charlotte (Raphaëlle Lalande), at Walton school, is quite "square". She seems to have a grudge against Leo and projects her resentment onto her son.

“The time jump allowed all the characters to evolve. It's "fun" to see Léo take care of his child, be caught up in lots of school-related issues," said Fabien Cloutier in an interview with the QMI Agency.

“Leo is helping his gang more and more. He's a guy who needed his world, who went looking for advice, but there, people often come back to him to settle things, he becomes a bit of an adviser, "added the author, actor and humorist.

Leo is faithful in friendship and he is, deep down, a good guy. "He can be stubborn once in a while, sometimes his principles are a little fixed, but one thing is for sure, he is honest and tells the real things."

For Fabien Cloutier, it was important to continue to combine funny and touching moments, which makes the success of the series, but he never forgets another important ingredient: "We always wanted to try to create situations where we saw characters in their vulnerability. Even if we are in a comedy, we allow ourselves to go into more difficult, darker areas, this is where laughter can, after that, do us good. It's going to be a season that will make you laugh, do good, but it's also going to be upsetting at times.

The 12 new episodes bring back among others Chabot (Steve Laplante), Yvon (Julien Poulin), Reynald (Pierre Dubeau), Nancy (Sonia Cordeau), Dugars (Sébastien Dubé), Karine (Sylvie De Morais-Nogueira), Couture (Marc Labrèche ), Pouliot (Hubert Proulx), Jessica (Anne Dorval), Chantale (Sandrine Bisson), without forgetting the band of Dubeau Gateaux – Perreault (Guillaume Cyr), Drouin (Simon Lacroix) and Landry (Mario Jean) – as well as the winners .

The Alzheimer's disease of Cindy's mother, Ginette (Micheline Bernard), has of course evolved in five years. Cindy is gaining ground at the factory, which raises issues in terms of work-family balance. A new character, Jesus (José Zapata), for his part will have trouble with the loudmouth in Couture, who remains unfiltered and locked in his prejudices.

Fabien Cloutier shares the writing with Sonia Cordeau, Steve Laplante and Erika Souci, which allows, in addition to enriching the process, to ensure that all these beautiful people are not confined to a single project during the year. .

A fifth and final season

For the fifth and final season, still with director Jean-François Chagnon at the helm, we are still refining the texts for filming this fall. "It's really going to be a festive season, where we're going to allow ourselves to push the characters around who are so rich," he said, thinking in particular of the burst Pouliot and his legendary laugh.

Fabien Cloutier is currently immersed in the writing of his next show. He is also running in to test the temperature of the water. He also has another project in the making which he cannot talk about, except to say that it is not fiction.

Produced by Encore Television, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, the fourth season of Léo will be available from Thursday on Club illico.